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Delphix’s DataOps: An Innovation with a High Transformative Value

Delphix has expanded its operations to the Indian market. Starting with a R&D centre, Delphix is set to carve its marketspace in India. In conversation with Enterprise IT World, Vijay Anthony, the Managing Director of Delphix India, speaks about the organization’s capabilities and how they intend to enhance it.

Delphix’s value proposition lies in its ability to help customers modernize their data infrastructure, and integrations with other leading solutions allow Delphix to deliver the speed, agility and predictability needed to accelerate application development and embrace DataOps practices.”

Vijay Anthony, Managing Director, Delphix India

What is Delphix’s India market strategy?

Delphix is a world-leading enterprise software company. In India, we have recently set up our major R&D centre to accelerate and scale the pace at which we can innovate by tapping into the highly-talented workforce available in India. Over the next few years, our goal is to grow it into one of the largest R&D centres. 

The strategy is to employ top talent from leading engineering institutions, such as NIT and IIT.  We also have partners, like Infosys, Capgemini, and Accenture, in our dossier—all of whom have an existing market share in India. Over time, our objective is to align our R&D operations with our partner enterprises as well as government initiatives.

How is Delphix improving its customers’ experience?

As data continues to grow within the enterprise, so does the need for access to that data by multiple teams for multiple applications. But many times, there are dueling priorities of fast innovation versus security in the modern enterprise.

The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform is unique as it virtualizes, secures and manages data in a variety of environments—on-premise, cloud, and hybrid—through self-service access to data across the company. Delphix’s primary product, the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform, has received significant industry validation from partnerships with global leaders, including AWS, Capgemini, Microsoft, Azure, and from leading brands, such as Facebook, Walmart, J.P. Morgan, Vodafone, HSBC, New York Life, Dell, and many more.

Delphix helps enterprises accelerate innovation by bringing agility to data while maintaining a strong focus on data security and privacy. Many of the world’s Fortune 100 companies rely on Delphix to fast-track software development and speed up new applications to market. In India alone, the platform is used by development teams to support work done some of the largest organizations, which include BNP Paribas, JPMC, HPE, and others.

What are Delphix’s key focus verticals in India?

Delphix has built a number of strong partnerships with companies that have an existing foothold in the Indian market, such as Cognizant and Infosys, leveraging technologies like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. The R&D team in India will focus on expanding the capabilities of the growing DataOps movement, that will be used to advance, cloud computing, data security, and other top trends. The data collected and analysed by this centre will be utilised by our partners to better understand their consumers, Access to real-time, at-scale data will help enterprises drive their digital initiatives better, giving them a better chance of successfully understanding and delivering customer demands.

What are the data challenges that Delphix is solving?

Today, every company is becoming a data company as data sits at the heart of mission-critical applications that businesses run on. Data is key to the new digital experiences that developers are tasked with building for their end customers. Development teams need to build and test new applications with the most valuable, most up-to-date and realistic data to build high-quality software.

The combination of tools and technologies, like Git, and the rise of new development practices, such as agile and DevOps, have enabled developers to accelerate the pace at which they create and deploy new code. But despite these advancements, application development teams continue to be frustrated by their inability to manage and version data like they do their code—ultimately preventing them from reaching peak velocity when it comes to creating new software-based innovation.

Application development teams find themselves in an increasingly difficult and frustrating situation because of the inability for application development teams to rapidly and securely work as the large volumes of data across complex environments slows down innovation.

Delphix revolutionizes application development by delivering the only solution that allows developers to rapidly and securely access and manage data. With decades of industry know-how and a long list of technology patents and awards, Delphix answers the data challenge for many of the most sophisticated businesses on the globe across industries.

How is Delphix benefitting its customers with DataOps?

According to Gartner’s latest report on Hype Cycle for Enterprise Information Management, DataOps has been listed as an innovation that ‘will offer transformative or high-value benefits during the next 5 to 10 years.’ Although adoption is still at a nascent stage, ‘Gartner expects vendors to begin to use this term to denote an entire category of tools encapsulating self-service data preparation, streaming data ingestion and, likely, traditional data integration.’

The Delphix DataOps platform rapidly provides personal data environments (without storage overhead) with advanced data manipulation controls such as bookmark, rewind, reset, and branch. Individual users, including QA, testers, and developers can collaborate efficiently and easily by sharing a bookmark and building a library of bookmarks for multiple workflows. The platform also enables teams with self-service access to secure, personal data environments to fuel application development, analytics, and AI while minimizing data risk.

The Gartner report also goes on to say that it believes the benefits from the adoption of DataOps will at least be high for most businesses, and very well may become transformational over time. The report also acknowledges Delphix as one of the vendors offering this transformational capability to enterprises currently.

What role has Delphix’s partnerships with global leaders like AWS, Microsoft Azure, SAP, Infosys, Oracle, etc. played in its journey?

Delphix is building joint solutions with partners and finding important market segments where technology can add significant differentiation. Our value proposition lies in its ability to help customers modernize their data infrastructure, and integrations with other leading solutions allow Delphix to deliver the speed, agility and predictability needed to accelerate application development and embrace DataOps practices.

Are there any projects in the pipeline? What is your roadmap for the upcoming year?
At Delphix, we continue in our quest to bring our DataOps platform to more of the Fortune 1000. Looking forward, we’ll be extending the capabilities of the platform in groundbreaking new ways. Specifically, we plan to add more support for additional cloud platforms, part of our quest to empower these companies to move, manage, and secure any and all data to accelerate innovation. 

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