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Strategic Alliances: Key to Growth of Trusted Global Data Center Ecosystem

Web Werks is India’s leading Managed Hosting and Cloud Solution Provider. It delivers Wholesale, Retail and Hyper-scale colocation facilities, cloud on-ramp and Interconnection solutions through 3 Tier III, carrier-neutral data centres in Mumbai (MUM-1), Delhi (NCR-1) and Pune(PUN-1) with a combined footprint capability of 225,000 square feet. Each of these large-scale data center facilities meets the market’s developing requirement for scalability, energy-eciency, and interconnectivity, and are carrier and cloud-neutral. Therefore, customers can have their critical infrastructure run non-stop. Web Werks focus on low latency connectivity and exceptional network performance to ensure that customer’s workloads are supported no matter the capacity. Web Werks’ rich Interconnec-tion Ecosystem offers connectivity to all major carriers, ISPs, Internet Exchanges like DE-CIX, Extreme IX & NIXI, along with cloud on ramp with major Hyperscaler cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google. Furthering the company’s market presence, Web Werks has recently announced the launch of its 2nd data center in Mumbai. This will be a 12.5-MW, 1,00,000 square feet data center with next-generation technologies and Uptime Tier III design as well as rich interconnectivity. Web Werks has constantly focused on the need for reliable, quick and seamless interconnection. The new Mumbai campus will serve prominent hyperscalers including Internet and cloud brands in the highly sought-after region. The infrastructure is built considering futur-istic hyperscale design and standards to fulfil customer aspira-
tions. The company also has one of the most comprehensive compliance programmes in the industry. It has various global certifications as well as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR Compliance to ensure that the facilities meet the extremely stringent requirements of the financial, manufacturing sector and other industry verticals.

Web Werks Data Centres are SAP certified for Cloud and Infrastructure services. One of the core principles of trust and reliability are amply upheld through this commitment to quality and efficiency of services across verticals.

Poised for growth

Today, there is a humongous demand for data centres due to two major factors:
Digital transformation and remote working due to the pandemic The regulations related to data security and localisation

Web Werks has put together the most extensive range of colocation and cloud hosting services designed to allow our customers to adopt a Hybrid strategy. The cloud portfolio comprises Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, SAP Cloud, and a suite of Backup/ Storage/ DR Services. Web Werks Clouds offer seam less integration with other CSPs through DirectConnect or Express Route options for enabling multi-cloud adoption. As per Indian laws, the government PSUs require their data to be stored hosted on empanelled cloud platforms only. This is where Web Werks stands out as MEITY empanelled cloud provider to host government data/servers at its DCs in Mumbai, Pune and Noida. Web Werks offer them the freedom to deploy their workloads (data/servers) on Government Community Cloud or Government Public Cloud or even the Government Private Cloud, which are solutions specially created for PSUs. The company aim to serve the tech-enabled sectors including BFSI, retail, media, and manufacturing, and new-age companies in the space of cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), IoT, Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data.

Importance of Interconnection

This is the era of seamless collaboration and user experience through direct, private connections at the digital edge. Businesses now connect to their customers, employees, and partners inside the data centers through Interconnection Ecosystem. One of the most significant benefits of being in an interconnected data center like Web Werks is that there is ample choice of service providers. Customers are given the opportunity to select between a diverse range of network and cloud providers to match their own unique business needs. The rich network ecosystem allows customers to choose from a broad range of IP transit providers, peering exchanges, cloud-on-ramp services, metro connectivity and physical as well as virtual cross connects. Web Werks Interconnection Ecosystem is a rich fabric of local, regional, national and global Tier-I carriers, more than 180 ISPs and large CDNs. It houses India’s largest peering exchanges including NIXI, Extreme IX and DE-CIX. The ease of a single contract and access to a global team of solution engineers enables Web Werks to help its customers enjoy the interconnection ecosystem within the data centres. By colocating with Web Werks, a customer is able to build inter-connections with cost advantage, and scale as per the business requirements.

Our Global Footprints

Web Werks recently entered into a strategic partnership with Iron Mountain, a global data center operator. With this integration,  customers of both the companies get access to18+ DC facilities in India, US, Europe and APAC. This collaboration will help the two partners enter new data center hotspots in India including Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Web Werks leadership team is a rich  grouping of experts who have built web, hosting and data center businesses from scratch. Through the partnership with Iron Mountain, the company has moved a step closer to its commitment and vision of becoming one of the leading global players. This will help its Indian customers access global markets with a stronger technological support and abilities to match the international standards.

In an evolving market, the customers prefer doing business with a brand that they have faith in. The global wherewithal of Iron  Mountains will allow Indian customers to experience the same reassurance and stability that Iron Mountains offers elsewhere in the world.

Web Werks and IMDC’s continuous focus on sustainability attracts more customers colocating their IT infrastructure in our DCs. Both the companies share respective operational expertise for building DCs with clean energy for energy-ecient cooling systems. Overall, this well aligned and timely collaboration between a global giant and a leading Indian data center brand augurs well for the future of Indian markets and there is a tremendous buzz about what lies ahead!

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