Education Industry 4.0

The flexibility of Education 4.0 Allows Students to Manage College Routine Along with Development Courses.

Randhir Kumar, Founder and Chief Mentor, BasicFirst Learning OPC Pvt. Ltd. 

“We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, NLP, and Data Science.”

What is the chance of Industry 4.0 in this situation?

The future is shaping itself towards experiential learning and Industry 4.0 demands the same from its counterparts. Businesses have had to acclimate to rapid technological change to sustain operations. In response to the same, academic institutions have had to expedite pedagogical and technological change in order to equip the students with demands of Industry 4.0.

As theoretical knowledge takes the backseat, a student is required to have clarity of concepts to apply them into the real world. Keeping this as our prime focus, we have launched our mobile application to support students in time when they have doubts. We have seen that the students are not able to provide comprehensive information and because they are lacking in understanding the basic concepts. We aim to help concretize the basics of all foundational topics so that the student can fare well in her/ his examinations and enable them to acquire a strong academic footing. 

At BasicFirst, we strive to employ the latest governing technology to provide the students with the best. We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, NLP, and Data Science. Together AI and ML collect, anticipate, analyze information, recognize patterns and congregate data by mapping online movement/ footprints from different sources to develop tailored plans for a student to ensure that they get the most out of their course online. So, whenever a student has a doubt, with the help of advanced analytics, AI can determine the level of understanding of the student. It helps in assessing whether the analytical intelligence of the student is on par with the level of the concept and whether s/he has a proper understanding of the subject. Even when a student or an individual chooses to opt-out of a course or arbitrarily drops out, Artificial Intelligence can determine the reason by determining how interested the individual was in the subject. 

How are the practical classes and tests being conducted in the case of science stream through online learning?

There’s a big gap in the e-learning market, online coaching centers and portals are not addressing one of the biggest problems that hamper the process of learning, and that is, doubt clearing. We realized that students are lacking a strong base or fundamentals across all subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Accountancy, due to which they’re not able to score well in boards and competitive exams and these students are also preparing for many exams such as IIT Main, JEE Advance, NEET, AIIMS, NTSE, Olympiads, KVPY, SAT, AP, Pre-AP and many more. We help students to address their doubts as and when they arise. With our BasicFirst App, students can buy tailored packages at attractive prices and they chat with professional teachers through in-app chats, call, and now, through videos to address their doubts in under 32 minutes, 18 minutes, and 15 minutes respectively. We want to promote a focused doubt clearing module where we would help the student enhance subject competency and knowledge, sharpen communication skills and aptitude with an objective to support them in their academic goals.

How engineering students can take advantage of Industry 4.0 in education?

A study conducted by Aspiring Minds created a stir by claiming that 95% of engineers in the country were not fit for software development jobs. Preparedness for the real world jobs is an important aspect of learning. In order to wholly equip a student with the right skill sets, they can leverage Education 4.0 to their advantage. The flexibility of Education 4.0 allows students to manage college routine along with development courses. With the help of e-learning, the students can take mock interview sessions and resume writing sessions so that they are hired for quality jobs. As technology undergoes rapid transformation, it becomes necessary for engineers to be equipped with the know-hows of these advancements. Online learning provides the chance to learn how to develop the latest software which sometimes gets ignored in traditional classrooms. 

While college routine can get monotonous, institutional knowledge isn’t enough in today’s time to have a competitive edge over applicants. In order to stand out during placements, an engineering student can take up online courses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, python, web development, mobile application development, JAVA script, C++ etc. Subsequently, the student will be awarded with certificates which will then boost their resume with other practical experience. But soft skills play an important role too during placements and interviews. A student can further take up English and foreign language courses in French or German, Microsoft Office suite course or marketing courses to showcase their managerial ability. Corporates are looking for future leaders and to be future ready a student has to look at developing themselves at a holistic level. The engineering profession is vast and by enrolling in online counselling seminars, a student can find out the right profession to take in order to become successful in the future.

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