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Digital Domain to launch “Digital Human Hospitality Services”

Song Hoi See

Partnership with Mr. Song Hoi See Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Groupaims to revolutionize global hospitality and airport services through advanced digital solutions with first launch Event at Taoyuan International Airport.

To initiate the business of digital human hospitality services, Digital Domain Holdings Limited and Mr. Song Hoi See, Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group, have ventured into a partnership. This new entity aims to redefine the global hospitality and airport services landscape with innovative digital human technology and AI.

The joint venture will function as a separate entity, utilizing the strengths of its parent company’s core business in Hollywood visual effects technologies to provide industry leading innovations. This venture combines Digital Domain’s cutting-edge digital human technology with Mr. Song’s extensive expertise in global hospitality and airport services through Plaza Premium Group. Together, they will offer intelligent, interactive, and highly personalized services to meet the various aspects of changing needs for modern travelers.

The collaboration will establish new industry standards by combining cutting-edge real-time digital human technologies with traditional hospitality services in the areas of travel, hotels, tourism offices, duty-free and other concessions, call centers etc. Through enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency, the joint venture will aim to create a seamless combination of digital innovation and personalized service across all hospitality sectors.

Daniel Seah, CEO, Digital Domain, stated, “Mr. Song Hoi See’s expertise will be key in identifying and executing upon industry leading opportunities with our technologies, but equally if not more importantly, Mr. Song’s values and passion are what I believe will be the foundation of this successful partnership and the success of this venture.”

Mr. Song Hoi See remarked, “Digital Domain, as a Hollywood based studio, is considered by many, to be a pioneer in Digital Human Technology. Through their proven experience and leadership in Digital Human Technology, we aim to leverage their experience in delivering an innovative, and immersive customer service in airports and hospitality sectors world-wide.”

Driven by shared commitment to excellence and innovation, this strategic collaboration marks a new chapter in the hospitality and airport services industry.

Digital Domain plans to collaborate with local manufactures through cross-border licensing and remote technical support. This effort aims to promote and expand AI virtual human technology across various settings such as airports and hotels. This collaboration aims to enhance global awareness of Taoyuan International Airport using AI technology, and elevate its global ranking.

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