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The competitive pricing and capabilities of NTT make it one of the most affordable MSSPs in India.

Rishikesh Kamat, Vice President – Products and Services, NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India

“The biggest advantage of outsourcing enterprise security to a reliable MSSP like NTT is the scale of expertise and tech resources available.”

What is the sense of market sentiment in this pandemic and second outbreak?

The IT industry is currently experiencing a very buoyant market sentiment and there has been a major transformation in the global business and technology approach in the last one and a half years. Location independent working has increased the demand for IT resources especially security services apart from enterprise security skills. Across industries and irrespective of business sizes, the pandemic has skyrocketed the need for quality security products and personnel.

Why is cyber security one of the major headaches for customers at this time?

Across majority of organizations, work-from-home or anywhere is the new norm. Apart from the leading corporates especially those in the technology sector, most other companies allow employees to login using their personal devices such as laptops and smartphones etc. This spread of online working and remote access has led to a redundancy in corporate perimeters. Hackers, cybercriminals and ransom seekers are constantly on the lookout for one single lapse or breach to enter a company’s networks making them actively seeking cybersecurity solutions and services. Proactive data and network security measures have become essential not only for the safety of confidential company and consumer related information, but also for an organization’s market reputation.

There are various consumption models, on-premise, cloud, managed security, according to you which is best and why?

The different models work in accordance with the needs of the industry and organizations and all of them have their own use cases. For instance, in the banking sector, there is a need to store sensitive customer financial data. In such a case, an on-premise model is more amenable to clients. On the other hand, cloud has become the model of choice for organizations that work across geographies and locations.

Irrespective of what an organization deploys, managed security services are the most efficient and effective cybersecurity option for all. In the highly competitive as well as risky business environs of today, managed security services providers (MSSP) like NTT Ltd. in India help in mitigating challenges proactively. We work with a large number of clients across all major industries which has given us a thorough understanding of diverse security risks and strategies to overcome them. Operating in different geographies and industries also makes MSSPs well-versed with compliances and policy changes which can help companies remain compliant with regulations such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and others.

Holistically, an MSSP can work seamlessly across on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructures to deliver a wide range of security services such as intrusion detection, unified threat management, managed SIEM, DR and security assessment etc. 

Are customers ready to outsource security into others’ hands as part of managing and monitoring as a mandate?

The pandemic and resultant work-from-home culture have changed a lot of things drastically. The instances of ransomware attacks, hacking and data theft are increasing. Thus, a large number of CISOs are realizing that their internal security teams and tools might not be adequate to handle all the threats in the new normal.

There have been multiple instances where the security gaps in an organization’s infrastructure have been exploited and security systems bypassed. Compared to an MSSP, the internal security teams are mostly hardpressed in terms of resources, time and understanding of the changing security landscape.

In the post COVID-19 era, even the fence sitters who were wary of outsourcing their security are moving towards partnering with a reputed MSSP like NTT. The sooner a company makes the move, the better it is likely to be as MSSPs will provide a proactive, affordable and swift security posture against all threats.

What is the market size of managed security services in India and who are the major players?

The Indian managed security services market is growing rapidly.With the pandemic making business leaders aware of the need for MSSPs, we are set to witness a rapid growth of the ecosystem in the next few years. NTT Ltd. in India is the leading brand in the Indian MSSP sector and there are several other brands like IBM and Tech Mahindra that are active in the domain.

Managed Security Services market is rapidly expanding in India. From 2016 onwards, the market is growing by over 24% year-on-year. With digital switch becoming a necessity in the post-pandemic scenario, the rate of growth for MSSPs is bound to be even higher in the years ahead. Today, hundreds of millions of Indians are making financial transactions online and sensitive sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, aviation and ecommerce are facing greater cybersecurity challenges than ever. The MSSPs are rapidly investing heavily into developing technologies and human expertise to help clients across all industries operate securely.

We are proud to state that NTT is leading the Indian MSS market which has several other prominent global brands such as IBM Security, Orange Business Services, BT, Tata Communications,Tech Mahindra etc.[1]

What is the advantage of managed security services?

The biggest advantage of outsourcing enterprise security to a reliable MSSP like NTT is the scale of expertise and tech resources available. For instance, NTT has over 2000 highly qualified security experts with experience across all major industry verticals. An MSSP uses the most advanced technologies, global best practices and compliances to proactively offer a holistic security umbrella to its clients. Such a vast pool of knowledge and tools empowers any organization to deal with and overcome diverse security challenges in a more affordable and effective manner.

What offerings NTT India has for the industry and how focussed it is for managed security?

With cybercrime becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry in itself, NTT India is dedicatedly working to create stronger and more agile security systems. We have deployed over 2000 global security experts to constantly analyse, and mitigate billions of security risks over the years. NTT uses advanced technologies such as AI, analytics and automation to create a dynamic cyber threat response system. We are offering a wide range of holistic as well as specific services to our clients and these include:

  • Managed threat detection and response
  • Network security
  • Digital Assets Risk Management
  • Zero Trust Solutions

Further, we also provide our clients with professional services that help in evaluation, strengthening and monitoring of the organizational security by certified professionals who also ensure 100% compliance with the regulations.

Who are its major customers for security service?  

NTT caters to large-scale clientele across all major verticals such as banking, finance, ecommerce, technology, insurance, entertainment, etc. We have served thousands of clients over the years including various Fortune 500 companies.

What are the competitive advantages of NTT India offerings from a security service standpoint?

NTT India is the market leader in the Indian managed security services domain. Apart from security, we also offer diverse services such as data centers, cloud, networking and data resiliency. This helps us provide clients with a holistic and competitive one-stop-shop offering in comparison to our competitors.

Give me 5 reasons why the customers would go for the NTT Services.

  1. NTT is amarket leader in the domain with several pioneering services and innovations to its credit.
  2. NTT is a holistic service provider with a complete range of data centers, cloud, networking and security services. This helps in rapid and smooth growth for businesses.
  3. The competitive pricing and capabilities of NTT make it one of the most affordable MSSPs in India.
  4. NTT works with thousands of clients across various industries which has given us an in-depth understanding of the security landscape. This can benefit organizations no matter which industry they operate in.
  5. Apart from providing our own professional support, NTT also offers the most advanced learning and skill development training to enterprise security professionals. This enables in-house security teams of the clients gain greater professional expertise.


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