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Tesserent reaction to news the Albanese Government will overhaul Scott Morrison’s $1.7B 10-year cyber security strategy


The Albanese government has announced plans to boost sovereign capability and build a frontline cyber workforce to combat escalating threats from malicious state-based actors and criminal gangs.

Kurt Hansen, CEO, Tesserent says, “Tesserent welcomes a renewed approach on improving the sovereign capabilities of Australia’s cyber defence and offensive activities.”

Tesserent Federal comprises Tesserent’s business units of North, Claricent and Pearson, based in Canberra and the largest provider of cybersecurity expertise to Tesserent’s Federal Government clients. 

“Tesserent is the largest single supplier of cyber consulting to the Federal Government in Canberra. Tesserent counts some of the most strategic government departments as trusted clients.

“As the leading fully sovereign cyber security organisation in Australia and New Zealand, Tesserent is well placed to be part of any ramp up by the new Federal Government of cyber capability. Tesserent has a team of 500 with eight defined service lines across our Cyber 360 capability, which include defensive and offensive consulting; managed services; and architecting critical product controls,” he says. 

Tesserent Academy is working on addressing the Australian cyber security talent shortage and developing young talent as a critical priority. “We look forward to assisting government efforts to boost Australia’s cyber defences, developing a future pipeline of talent and delivering our Tesserent Academy strategy,” he says.

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