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Synology recognizes the paradigm shift in the millennial workforce and delivers accordingly.

How are Synology products and technologies contributing towards making a workforce more productive and addressing the need of the millennial workforce?

According to Wired Magazine, by 2030, millennial will make up nearly 75% of the workforce. This cohort of the population grew up during the Internet, Social Media, and Mobile revolutions. As they will be more digitally connected and wired, the millennial will not be strangers to collaborative productivity tools such as Google Suite, Office 365, just to name a few.
Synology, whose core value is NAS and Data Safety, recognizes such paradigm shift in the millennial workforce and expands the features and offerings by introducing Synology Collaboration Suite that combines Chat, MailPlus, Document, Spreadsheet, Slides, and Calendar, all in one solution. Not only can Synology users co-work seamlessly with each other, but they can also have more control over the Data ownership, Data Safety, and Backup alternatives with a onetime purchase of our NAS product

How do you plan to compete with other NAS brands in India?

As compared to other NAS brands, I would say our unique selling point is our OS and software. Our product has more intuitive UI which lets user monitor and control the system without time-wasting hassle. In terms of feature and performance, we have total 100+ own-developed and 3rd party-integrated applications in Synology application ecosystem and well integrated Btrfs file system to provide better security for customer with enhanced performance. We cover all corners of customer’s needs. So now what we are focusing is to let potential customers understand the benefit Synology will bring to them. For this purpose, we continuously train our partners to enhance the capacity to promote and meanwhile we are deploying Synology experience zone in selected cities in order to let more potential customers to enjoy the features first and then make the decision.

What changes have the customer’s demands undergone with the customer growth in the networking segment?

Globally, we are now in a phase where connectivity is becoming more wireless. More and more IOT devices are becoming wireless and connected, the bandwidth capacity is expanding at an impeccable speed, not to mention the emergence of 5G network. Nevertheless, cyber-security is also becoming a BI topic with the world becoming more connected; it is unfortunate to see that it is becoming a norm that ransomware and malware are troubling household and enterprise users.

Users/Consumers are constantly demanding the coverage, the speed, and most importantly, the safety of a secured network. At Synology, we’ve definitely recognized the potential threat to our users; our newest Mesh Router MR2200ac has support for the latest security standard including WPA3-Personal, WPA3-Enterprise, and OWE, to ensure the security is well being taken care of.

“We aim at reaching more potential customers via marketing activity educating them about the concept and enhancing Synology brand image,” said

Mike Shay,
India Business Manager of India, Synology Inc.

Where do you see the Indian market as compared to the overseas market?

Compared to the overseas markets such as US and Europe which are developed countries, India is still an initial but potential market of NAS product. The NAS concept and the importance of data management and security is not widely sensed in India market. For that, we aim at reaching more potential customers via marketing activity educating them about the concept and enhancing Synology brand image. Besides, India is not like the developed markets having a broad base of consumer/personal users. Most of the adopters of NAS product are business users currently. However, we are expecting more and more personal users to emerge in the future as India’s economy is growing rapidly.

What are your future plans to further grow the channel market in 2019 – any particular strategy from geography or vertical perspective are you planning?

In 2018, we built up stable channels in major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. And not only those, also Chennai, Ahmedabad and Pune. In 2019, we will keep giving training to the channels in those cities to enhance their capability of promoting Synology and serving end-customers, we will keep the channels updated about Synology new solutions as well. Meanwhile, since the requirement for Synology product is nationwide, we are also looking for the opportunity from other cities and will take action if needed.

What would be your message for aspiring partners?

Synology is a leading NAS brand around the globe, we are very excited to introduce the solutions along with our product to customers in India. We believe what we provide will definitely change the way that people manage and protect their precious data, and thus improve people’s lives in the long run. To let more and more people enjoy the benefit of Synology products, we are looking forward to your participation in this market, at the front line with Synology together. If you are sharing the same values and visions with us, please feel free to contact us. Let’s make 2019 an abundant year and the start of the bright future.

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