Storj Launches Storj Select: Enabling Secure and Customizable Cloud Storage Solutions for Compliance-Minded Organizations


With petabytes of healthcare data to secure, healthcare data security leader CloudWave, is among the first to leverage Storj Select with its compliant cloud storage solution

Storj launches Storj Select, a new feature that delivers customizable distributed storage solutions to meet specific security and compliance requirements of organizations with sensitive data, such as healthcare and financial institutions. With Storj Select, customer data is only stored on points of presence which meet customer specified qualifications, such as SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA. The company is also announcing CloudWave as a customer, the leading provider of healthcare data security solutions, who has chosen Storj Select to provide compliant data storage. 

“Storj Select’s uniquely customizable compliance features, speed and security fit well with our cloud strategy.”

Matt Donahue, Chief Technology Officer at CloudWave.

“The more than 300 hospitals that we work with across six countries are focused on protecting patients. Our role is to protect their patient data from cyberattacks and ensure their systems run with the performance and reliability they need,” said Matt Donahue, Chief Technology Officer at CloudWave. “Storj Select’s uniquely customizable compliance features, speed and security fit well with our cloud strategy.”

Storj Select: How it Works

With a focus on data security and compliance, Storj Select’s operation hinges on several key capabilities:

  • Frameworks and Standards-based Designation – Users can specify frameworks or standards per bucket which assures that only infrastructure compliant to selected requirements is used. 
  • Intelligent Data Distribution – Storj’s data distribution model encrypts and spreads data across thousands of nodes hosted in facilities meeting enterprise needs for compliance framework, geographic location, or performance optimization. 
  • Enhanced Data Durability – All data is highly available, resilient to infrastructure failures, and maintains enterprise-level durability that’s cryptographically verifiable. It undergoes automated integrity checks through secure audits and can be automatically repaired if any part of the infrastructure fails or is compromised.

With tens of thousands of points of presence (‘nodes’) in its public distributed network, Storj outperforms traditional storage providers while offering SLAs that rival industry giants like AWS, Google, and Azure at 1/10th the price. The service achieves transfer speeds that consistently surpass the hyperscalers, as confirmed by  University of Edinburgh’s independent research. performance. In leveraging existing underutilized storage capacity, Storj also stands as a more sustainable cloud storage provider against hyperscalers, reducing emissions by up to 83%. 

“Providing our customers with unprecedented data security has always been embedded in the fabric of Storj’s distributed model,” said Ben Golub, CEO at Storj. “With Storj Select, we’re now able to offer organizations like CloudWave the opportunity to benefit from our enterprise-grade distributed storage solution in a way that complies with their specific regulatory and security requirements.” 

The launch of Storj Select follows Storj’s announcement of significant milestones already achieved in 2023, including an integration with the industry-leading video editing software application, Adobe® Premiere® Pro, inclusion in Forrester’s Object Storage Landscape, Q2 2023, and 226% YoY revenue growth.

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