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SER Group unifies ECM and BPM with new enterprise platform Doxis4 iRoom

Doxis4 iRoom, uses the benefits of ECM and BPM on a unified platform, for secure enterprise content management and business process management/ workflows for geographically distributed work teams.

 The SER Group, the largest European software vendor, combines the power of ECM and BPM on Doxis4 iRoom, a unified platform for compliance, secure information management and collaboration. The solution enables companies across all industries to work together irrespective of time zone and location. Doxis 4 iRoom act as a central platform and is especially designed to connect people, with real-time collaboration built in from the start. It helps business to work and innovate together; thereby organizations move faster and achieve more in less time.

Sivasubramaniam Visweswaran, VP APAC Region, SER Group said,”Today’s requirements for collaboration and communication have shifted significantly across the globe and India is no different. Organizations find it difficult to manage content and process simultaneously. To overcome these issues, we have developed Doxis4 iRoom, a tool that satisfies the users’ ever changing demands and empowers the IT organization to stay in control of content.”

“Doxis4 iRoom ensures user friendly project management in a secure environment. It allows cross-departmental teams across multiple locations, following different time zones to work together in real time on shared projects and tasks,” he added.

Doxis4 iRoom addresses multiple challenges modern organizations face today while working on a project. Below are the unique features which can help businesses advance their collaboration efforts:

Advanced Access management/control with high-security settings: The Doxis4 iRoom bundles SER’s ECM and BPM capabilities to a comprehensive collaboration tool and acts as a central point of information. Advanced access management and audit trails ensure highest security with the flexibility to add (external) participants or change their roles at any time.

Always the right information at hand: Team members need the most up-to-date information and data – especially when working in bigger teams in different locations, where personal interaction is not always possible. Therefore, Doxis4 iRoom not only provides the latest content and documents, but includes functionalities such as e.g. chat and wikis. Here, collaboration is not limited to documents, annotations and processes, but supports instant exchange, transparent for all participants.

Features and integrations as efficiency boosters: One can use Doxis4 iRoom for a complete information overview by integrating information from an ERP or CRM system. Project members do not need to switch between systems and have all project relevant information in one clear dashboard from where to navigate to the respective content or workflow steps.

It also supports automation and automatic classification, intelligent search mechanisms, analytics and reporting to provide extra insights and support efficiency.

Smooth task and process management: When it comes to task management, Doxis4 iRoom serves as a full business process management engine. From the definition of the tasks to the monitoring of related deadlines, the user does not need to switch applications or tools. Task and processes can be set up as parallel and/or consecutive processes with the option for adaptive case management when needed. Its integrated project calendar provides an overview of all milestones, deadlines, appointments and follow-ups. The reminder functionality ensures that no deadlines are missed.

SER Group ensures to provide solutions that can enhance the user experience and productivity with multiple features.

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