SANDSIV Named Champion in the 2022 SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint Awards


SANDSIV, has been recognized as the #1 leading software vendor and the Champion in the 2022 Emotional Footprint Awards from SoftwareReviews, a division of IT research and consulting Info-Tech Research Group.

These results are unique, as Emotional Footprint Champions are selected based exclusively on feedback provided by the users. The survey measures user satisfaction across 27 elements of the provider relationship, including key areas such as strategy and innovation, service experience, product experience, conflict resolution. The result is a Net Emotional Footprint score, which represents the overall user sentiment, a powerful indicator of the user feeling toward SANDSIV and its software.

SoftwareReviews named SANDSIV a Champion as its software received a Net Emotional Footprint score of +94, being especially well valued around Efficiency, Caring, Effectiveness and for being Trustworthy. Also the related categories of Productivity, Innovation, Continually Improving and Unique Features reached the highest scores.

In March 2022, SANDSIV was also named number one in SoftwareReviews’ 2022 Data Quadrant, where it received a 8.8 composite score for its VOC software sandsiv+, which represents the complete and aggregated satisfaction score from its end-users. Availability and Quality of Training, Ease of Implementation, Support and Usability and Intuitiveness were amongst the strongest capabilities associated with SANDSIV in that case.

Federico Cesconi, CEO of SANDSIV, said, “Customers are the core of any business, but at SANDSIV we prioritize them above all else as our ultimate goal is collecting and acting on their Voices. This recognition is a true tribute to the value we deliver from SANDSIV and the service we offer to our clients. They acknowledge our product’s high quality and the level of service, making it feasible for us to be called a Champion”.

Ben Dickie, analyst at SoftwareReviews, said, “Clearly understanding the voice of the customer is a crucial step in executing a well-oiled approach to product development and marketing. However, many organizations struggle with ingesting and analyzing customer data at sufficient scale and speed to truly inform a strong viewpoint on what their customers desire. It’s essential to have not only a process for capturing customer feedback from multiple channels, but also to distil actionable insights from it and to act on feedback in a timely manner. A modern technology stack is indispensable for enabling a voice of the customer program – there’s now a healthy and flourishing ecosystem of vendors in the VoC space. Sandsiv+ is a recognized leader in this space, providing a broad-based set of tools that captures customer insights from a variety of different channels, from dedicated surveys to social media properties. In our recent VoC SoftwareReviews Buyer’s Guide, they managed an impressive net promoter score of 90% – a testament to the value they’re helping their clients create as they look to strengthen their VoC capabilities”.

This recognition follows others the company has received over the years. As already mentioned, earlier this year, SANDSIV was named Gold Medallist and Leader in the 2022 SoftwareReviews VOC Data Quadrant. In 2021, SANDSIV won the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Product Leadership Award in the European Voice of the Customer and was recognized by Gartner, OMDIA, and Forrester Research as a VoC market leader, marking SANDSIV’s arrival as a global leader in the CX/VoC space.

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