“One Ivanti Means that we are Committed to Maximizing our Performance”

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With the era of omni present IT workers and data access through any device, the vector of attacks are definitely high but there has to be some solution to protect the environment. Enterprise IT World spoke to Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala, Senior Vice President, Security Products, Ivanti about it. An excerpt.

Please tell us briefly about Ivanti 

Ivanti is an IT and security software company that enables and protects the Everywhere Workplace. In the Everywhere Workplace employees are accessing company networks from a variety of devices and locations. In today’s disparate workplace, IT is dealing with more devices, more platforms, more apps, more networks, hybrid cloud environments, and more services. To alleviate the pressure of IT Operation Teams and Developers, Ivanti has built an integrated solution that leverages our autonomous platform to find and protect every device, user, and software. This has never been more important than it is today. Ivanti is a critical enabler of this new era of work with our self-healing, self-securing, self-servicing technology. 

What is your expansion plan for India Market? 

Our growth plans for the next year, in the Indian market and globally, include planned updates to our Ivanti Neurons platform and continually enhancing solutions across the entire platform. We also are focused on different verticals and departments that historically didn’t utilize a service management platform and relied on manual processes, such as facilities and human resources. We are working on finding more ways for our solutions to alleviate the strain IT and security teams are facing and that is opening up a tremendous avenue for growth.

“We are working on finding more ways for our solutions to alleviate the strain IT and security teams are facing and that is opening up a tremendous avenue for growth.”

Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala, Senior Vice President, Security Products, Ivanti
What is One Ivanti Identity, how does it help the customers? 

It is through our One Ivanti Identity that our team builds and delivers world-class solutions for our customers. Teamwork is intrinsic to what we do and why we do it. Some of the commitments we have made to each other through our shared values is that we are accountable to each other, and support one another, we provide opportunities to grow, learn, add value and thrive, while also achieving new levels of performance, and we treat all with appreciation dignity and respect. One Ivanti means that we are committed to maximizing our performance and creating the best possible outcomes for our customers.  

How are you strengthening your head count in India? 

We are currently recruiting for dozens of positions in India, these are overwhelmingly new positions to help with our astronomical growth. We have also implemented an intern program that is an ongoing program with new interns coming to work with our team on a regular basis. Many of these interns will then transition to full-time jobs with the company. We are committed to training up and coaching new talent in India and investing back in the country in this way.

Briefly tell us about the products and solutions you are offering in India? 

Ivanti is the provider of the Ivanti Neurons hyperautomation platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to address the growing demands placed on IT and security teams amid the global shift to remote and hybrid work. It autonomously self-heals and self-secures devices and provides personalized self-service experiences to end users. Ivanti Neurons uses automation bots to provide real-time intelligence across all assets in the Everywhere Workplace, including every endpoint and IoT edge, while delivering a consumer-grade employee experience. 

Ransomware has been a major concern for all the customers. So what is your initiative to create awareness among the customers from the risk point of view and what is your solution? 

Unpatched systems are the leading cause of ransomware attacks today and are increasing in frequency and severity every year. The impact on companies is devastating. These attacks typically lead to lost business for companies as they often cause increased customer turnover, system downtime, diminished reputation, and other adverse side effects. Ransomware attackers are increasing targeting midmarket companies to avoid the media attention that comes from attacking large enterprises. 

Ivanti is constantly sharing our lessons learned via our Spotlight Report Series to raise awareness and provide actionable information. 

Organizations must take steps to protect themselves. Patching to fix Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVEs) is one of the best steps an organization can take to counter ransomware attacks. Unfortunately, research from Ivanti shows that 71% of IT and security professionals find patching to be overly complex and time consuming. Ivanti has been a leader in patch management for years, and as the ransomware threat elevated, we ramped up our efforts to stay ahead of the problem.

Ivanti has the most robust data on patches, vulnerabilities, and exploits. In August, Ivanti acquired RiskSense, which enables us to drive the next evolution of patch management, grounded in a proactive risk-based approach. Ivanti differentiates itself from our competitors by our intelligence on which vulnerabilities are tied to ransomware and because organizations can also leverage our capabilities to quickly remediate the threat. These unique capabilities build on each other for a blended offering that is unmatched in the market today.  

What is the kind of Cybersecurity Trends Emerging in 2022? 

We see a few trends already emerging this year, some are continuations of the trends we have been seeing since the start of the pandemic. Ransomware attacks will continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, the risks organizations face is not going away – ever. Businesses reacted to the pandemic and piecemealed solutions to support their disbursed workforce, we have been seeing for a while that this isn’t adequate and business leaders need to find a way to move forward.

Businesses have experienced many benefits by moving to the cloud and relying on APIs, including relief from the current shortage of IT workers since it reduces the human element. This rapid adoption has unintentionally opened up a massive attack surface that we haven’t thought through all the way, and it is exposing organizations to an increased risk. Therefore, it is so important for organizations to implement continuous monitoring of their attack surfaces. 

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