NAS is the Answer to SME Data Privacy Woes 

With almost a decade of presence in the India Market, Synology has seen a tremendous response with no signs of a slowdown. Now, with the added focus on data privacy across the country, the company expects a big move toward cloud-based storage from the SME segment.

What is your current presence in the country? Do you have any expansion plans in the pipeline? 

After 10 years of effort, we’ve have a strong partner network in every major city serving our large base of SME customers. Today, we have base in not just the tier 1 market with Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, but we have also gained traction in terms of our presence in tier 2 Cities like Pune, Ahmedabad etc. With requirement for such products growing nationwide, we keep expanding and recruiting more partners in each city to make sure our customers are reached and catered to across geographies.

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“A good and intuitive NAS device is the tool to help SMEs to centralize data, keep complete control, and manage and store it effectively so IT administrators are able to understand and adjust the working flow accordingly.”

Mike Shay
Sales Account Manager


Which Synology products are gaining traction among Indian SMBs? 

Among Indian SMBs, we’ve observed a great demand of the model DS918+ which has quickly become one of the best-selling models in India. This model is Plus series, providing complete solution from data management, backup, syncing, disaster recovery and more. And it has 4-bay capacity with expandability up to 9-bay.

The reason why SMBs choose it as their NAS solution is that unlike an enterprise, they can grow extremely fast and expand the organization to double, even triple the size in a few years. DS918+ is also a very suitable choice for these SMBs as it has complete solution and expandability for storage space, it is still capable of handling the task as these SMBs scale from 5 people to 30, 40 people.

How will the GDPR laws as well as the incoming Indian data privacy regulation affect SMBs? What is your advice to SMBs in this regard?

The importance of data privacy is paramount. Such regulations are helping by forcing businesses to take the importance of data privacy of their customers more seriously. While SMBs are trying to follow the regulation, they will find it more difficult to centralize and manage customer data with the old way. Not to mention controlling and tracking where the data goes.

A good and intuitive NAS device is the tool required to help SMBs tackle data privacy woes, centralize the data, keep complete control, and manage and store the data effectively so IT administrators are able to understand and adjust the working flow accordingly.

What are your future plans for India in terms of new products and solutions? 

We are closely watching the trend in India and accordingly adjusting our product roadmap to meet the needs of Indian customers. As majority of our client base consists of SMBs and enterprises. We will continue to roll out DiskStation models like DS918+, DS1618+, or RackStation and FlashStation which cater to the enterprise users in the market.

In terms of applications, we are introducing our “Active Backup” family as a complete backup solution to India. There are 3 applications in this family and with these applications, customer can easily overcome the difficulty to backup the hybrid IT infrastructures within an organization, all the way from PC, Server, Virtual Machine and Public Cloud. The feedback from Indian customers will be a reliable reference for Synology to further design the upcoming products and solutions.

What is your vision for the India market in 2019 and beyond? 

India is already a shining star in the global market. Every brand sees great potential here, so the question we should ask ourselves is not ‘how it would go’ but ‘how we can grab those opportunities and get ourselves a better position in the market’. The demand of storage products in India is huge and growing rapidly. With more and more first-time adopters and large unexplored geo-markets, we aim to be first movers with the right communication and technical support to ramp up the customer experience. We aims to be a major player in the India market moving forward.

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