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Added DLP Scan Capability that Delivers Value to the Clients

Dhruv Khanna, CEO, Data Resolve

In line with growing cyber security risks, Data Resolve has grown in terms of client count across regions, sectors and global reach, empowering businesses navigate the threat landscape with confidence.

“With the fast evolving Data Leak Threat Surface, we have succeeded in creating mitigation controls around it, which includes messangers, conferencing tools etc., along-with new use cases.”

Dhruv Khanna, CEO, Data Resolve

 As a company, how Data Resolve has performed in 2022?
We have grown as a company in terms of client count across region, sectors and globally. Since data leak threat landscape has changed, we augmented product with multiple leak control and monitoring capabilities. During client engagement process, we captured new data leak threat use cases from our clients and built features. Another interesting area that we are able to drive well from the product is multi layered reporting.
In the process we simplified our product roll-out processes, we added DLP Scan capability that delivers value to our clients and started governance calls driven by our founding and Project team with our clients.

What are the major technologies you participated while coming to solving challenges in the market?

Key Achievements:

  • Data Leak Threat Surface has changed, and we created mitigation controls around it. This includes messengers, conferencing tools etc., along-with new use cases.
  • We added Multi OS Capability to support cross OS Support
  • Onboarded multi-level reporting in the product to offer flexible use
  • Kickstarted use case co-creation model with clients
  • Automated scan assessment of running DLP platform
  • Dynamic rulesets we added in the product to reduce false positives 

Which industries have adopted your technologies?

There are 25+ Sectors on-boarded, key one’s:
Healthcare – a key area where patient data is always vulnerable and hosted on disparate devices, so a key issue how we prevent leakage of this data.

Pharma – Securing leak of drug information across labs are critical. Information going to unknown domain or unauthorised ones are the key challenges.

Manufacturing – Product design, data leak of product codes, supply chain details etc are key challenges addressed.

Fintech – Regulated sector, data security of financial information, client information is the key

Retail – Product codes, SKUs, data exfiltration to competitors is the key issue, other than customer information.

Core Banking – Regulated sector, key areas where DLP helped banks, one is to meet compliance from regulator, second to protect sensitive information about internal processes, customer data, monitoring of data exfiltration from messangers like whatsapp, conferencing tools.

What is your revenue growth expectation for this year?
We have crossed 300 + clients in last two quarters. Added 100 new clients aross 25+ sectors, including international client acquisition.

Grow PAT this FY is the key indicator for us. Plan is to augment reveneus by adding Distribution muscle power in ASEAN region to drive revenue growth.

Explore new avenues like MSSP, Co-branding, PS are few engagement models to focus on.

What is your road map for 2023?
At a high level our plan is to continuously research & identify new data leak threat landscape and build controls around it, along-with strengthen the base product with further architecture optimisation so it reduces TCO and add ease to implement and manage. UX too is our focus area that we are working.

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