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Dedicated cloud services with a service provider will result in increased performance, security and compliance

Sandeep Bhargava

By :  Sandeep Bhargava, Global Services and Solutions, Public Cloud Business Unit at Rackspace Technology

Today, disruption, digital-first approaches and digital ecosystems are the main drivers for cloud adoption in India. The cloud has enabled businesses to innovate and build new revenue streams, deliver superior customer experiences, and create new work and collaboration models. According to IDC, by 2024, dedicated cloud services on-premises or with a service provider will result in increased performance, security and compliance. 

Organizations in India have used the cloud as a technology platform and a method of operationalization, leveraging the opportunity to spur collaboration between public cloud providers and traditional infrastructure providers to help business resilience and enhance digital transformations (DX). Adopting a mix of public cloud solutions with traditional infrastructure software and equipment providers has helped businesses gain the benefits of a private cloud but with the flexibility of a public cloud.

Running modern applications on on-premises databases requires overcoming expensive, time-consuming challenges around latency, throughput, availability and scaling. Migrating to Google Cloud databases gives organizations the agility they need to transform their business on a trusted platform. 

When organizations migrate to cloud databases, they stand to gain several critical benefits, including accelerated innovation, efficiency and operational stability, cost savings and the ability to customize their solution. 

Here are Four Benefits of Database Modernization that organizations can take to simplify applications and other virtualized assets spread across a multi-cloud environment:

Accelerated Innovation

With cloud databases, companies spend less time operating and managing their databases and, as a result, have more time to spend on innovation, including transforming their business, processes, and technologies for a modern, digital world. Often, vendors also provide database migration services to help address the complexities of database migration.

Efficiency and Predictability

Organizations can access fully managed platform services, adopt auto-scaling and design self-healing systems that scale seamlessly through unpredictable traffic bursts and remain resilient despite unexpected failures. Google Cloud databases also lower security risks thanks to database replication across multiple geographical locations and several backup and recovery options.

Cost Savings

By leveraging the flexibility, convenience and power of cloud databases, organizations can reduce database licensing costs and vendor lock-in. With the right plan and design in place, businesses can execute their database migrations in a way that reduces the risks of unplanned downtime and costly business disruptions.

Complete Customization

Customized solutions mean that every migration to cloud databases is fully aligned with an organization’s business goals and timeline​. The right cloud database partner and expert with a full suite of capabilities, can assist with an initial assessment, provide the necessary support, and help deliver continuous optimization to your database.

For businesses to expand and meet the demands of their customers, migrating away from traditional and legacy databases become unavoidable. Many businesses are already taking the plunge into modern databases, and are enjoying cutting-edge capabilities leading to greater opportunities, a variety of new abilities and promising success. As the business grows and the number of customers escalates, those that have abandoned their legacy databases will find more firepower and capacity to keep up with ever-changing customer expectations and will breathe a sigh of relief for the wise decision to migrate to the cloud. 

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