Case Study

Matrix Enabled Adani Enterprises

Adani Enterprises Successfully Managed Contractors and Workers Across Multiple Locations Using Matrix Contract Workers Management Solution

Project Highlights:
Centralized Contract Workers Management solution for:

900+ Contractors
50,000+ Workers
1400+ Work-Orders
Across four locations
About Adani:

Adani Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Its diversified businesses include resources, logistics, energy sectors and agri-business. Adani group is the largest port developer and operator in India with Mundra being the country’s largest commercial port. Having multiple ports, branches, manufacturing units and corporate offices at various locations, Adani Group is one of the largest business units. In all, this business group has 15000+ employees and 50,000+ workers (with 900+ third party contractors) involved in incorporating various work-orders across 25+ business units.


Managing numerous workers’ attendance
Verifying the number of workers allotted to each task under a contractor against the respective contractor’s report
Eliminate fraudulent and erroneous payment of wages at contractors’ end
Monitoring each work order status – determining its progress and segregating them
Allotting workers to each work order on the basis of its requirements and skill of the workers
Maintaining and automating diverse attendance, timing and leave policies for the various locations and work orders
Capturing accurate and diverse time-attendance data of all workers
Ensuring approved and a proper induction of each worker at a defined level
Generating customized reports in order to make swift decisions and timely & error free payroll processing
Solution offered:

COSEC Contract Workers Management solution for 50,000+ workers under 900+ contractors, across four locations
Centralized data management solution for branches across multiple locations
Tracking work orders’ progress
Contractor’s self-service portal for managing workers
Worker Enrolment with photograph, documents, credentials and induction details
COSEC integration with SAP using database to database linking
Connectivity using Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Mobile broadband
Real-time notification in cases of exceptional situations

Enhanced security with effective worker enrolment process abiding to various induction levels
Increase in productivity of admin by 20%
Easy decision making due to customized reports & charts generated
Smooth & effective monitoring of work orders
Smooth and easy security with centralized control and monitoring – reduced time spent by the security department
Error free man hours computation for quick & effective wages’ calculation
Minimize manual interventions

COSEC CENTRA LE (Application Software Platform Expandable up to 1 million Users)
COSEC LE CWM (Contract Workers Management Module for COSEC CENTRA LE)
COSEC DOOR FOW (Fingerprint and RF Card based Door Controller with Wi-Fi Connectivity)
COSEC PATH DCFM (Fingerprint, Mifare Card and NFC based Door Controller)
COSEC VEGA FAX (Fingerprint and RF Card based Premium Door Controller with Touch sense LCD, IP65,Wi-Fi, POE)
COSEC DOOR FOP (Fingerprint and RF Card based Premium Door Controller with LCD & Keypad)

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