Lean & agile organizations make the CXOs’ job easy

Siva Perubotla, Global Delivery Head - Digital Engineering, Brillio
Siva Perubotla, Global Delivery Head - Digital Engineering, Brillio

CXOs are constantly looking to build agile operating models and structure their organizations accordingly but a lack of preparedness of the underlying technology foundation and misaligned business needs are resulting in an inability to derive intended benefits for enterprises.

Q: How is Digital Engineering transforming businesses?

A: Digital Engineering vertical of Brillio is a group focused on solving customer problems through innovative and pragmatic technical solution approaches with the core philosophy of “First Time Right”. We see that many customers press their digital journey button without appreciating how the underlying technology foundation needs to be transformed to support this journey. While they may be able to proceed in their Digital journey to some extent, the lack of preparedness of the underlying technology foundation and/or the coverage of business needs through right solutions will soon start showing up in terms of delayed projects and inability to derive the intended benefits of the digital initiatives.

Our core philosophy is Problems -> Solutions -> Pragmatic Technical Solutions and essentially orchestrating various service lines (Enterprise Architecture, Cloud, Dev Ops, Security and IT Operations) to deliver customer value.

Q: What are some of the challenges that enterprises are facing today with regards to constantly evolving digital solutions?

A: Modern day users want to be empowered and have less dependency on IT to execute their routine tasks. That calls for an IT Operations framework that drives self-services, self-healing etc. to be brought about primarily through automation and workflow changes.

Driven by the culture of DEVOPS and the need for faster release cycles, the needs of an IT developer have changed since the days enterprises used to have specific SLAs for commissioning infrastructure and making it available for development. This calls for an operations model that can morph itself to operating in a complex environment that will have Cloud operations + Legacy IT Operations.

The need for predictive IT operations has always been there. With increased focus on big data and analytics across many organizations to drive business decisions, Brillio believes that IT operations can also benefit by this trend. We believe that in the next few years, organizations will be leveraging data and analytics better to drive the efficiencies of IT operations and that’s our sweet spot.

Q: Why is agility so critical in enterprise operations today?

A: Given the pace at which invention and innovation is happening in the industry, it’s essential the CXOs are constantly look for building agile operating models and structure their organizations accordingly. Lean & Agile organizations make the job for CXOs easy.

Q: As a solution provider, how does Brillio help its clients in sustaining business?

A: Brillio brings in its proprietary Digital “Imagine”, “Experience” and “Engineering” framework to sustain the businesses and bring best-in-class customer/user experience and operational efficiencies.

Q: What are steps the CIOs should take to have right digital strategy for the company’s future?

A: When it comes to digital strategy, what works for one company doesn’t always translate to another business setting. Every organization has its own complex, interdependent ecosystems that demand a different approach. To achieve this, CIOs should ensure there is a reduction of manual intervention in IT operations. They also need to leverage automation & analytics to effective use to bring in efficiencies and cost reduction.

Q: What are the challenges CIOs face in building a sustainable digital future for their companies?

A: Amongst the many challenges CIOs face are some basics such as ‘which technology to choose?’, ‘what should the investment pipeline be?’ and ‘how to measure the ROIs received’. One of the major trials most CIO’s have to overcome is of understanding how sustainable is the transformation that the company is embarking upon. Last and most important would be figuring out with whom they are going to partner with so as to help them Imagine, Engineer and Execute their vision/strategy. This is where BRILLIO walks into the picture.


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