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Latest Release of IFS Cloud brings Industrial AI Capabilities


In its latest Cloud release, IFS has introduced new AI-powered functionality that enables customers to improve operational effectiveness and profitability. This May release focuses on three strategic themes, which are supported by a powerful Copilot that helps users better understand and use data from across a company’s supply chain and operations.

“We’re offering so much more than generic AI – our industrial AI approach means customer can effectively manage supply chains and improve their operations.” 

Christian Pedersen, Chief Product Officer, IFS

The power of IFS Cloud extends beyond human potential to asset potential; assets operate optimally, minimizing downtime and extending lifespans, resource utilization is optimized, and operations streamlined. Business success hinges not just on potential, but on measurable profitability. This release equips customers to fine-tune global operations, lower costs, reduce waste, and empower the organization to consider new business models. 

IFS Cloud empowers businesses to not only achieve sustainability goals but also emerge as champions of environmental stewardship, which will resonate with stakeholders from consumers to investors. Optimizing resource utilization, minimizing waste, and tracking environmental impact lets customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Christian Pedersen, Chief Product Officer, IFS commented, “With this latest release of IFS Cloud, customers will benefit from a new level of meaningful AI capabilities and innovation that is truly relevant to their industry and impactful to their business. The Copilot is the natural next step for IFS Cloud users to engage with and benefit from the AI capabilities we have embedded into IFS Cloud. We’re creating an environment where technology and human ingenuity come together.”

IFS is offering new AI powered capabilities that both help companies improve their operations and report progress. will continue to be a catalyst for change, driving businesses forward with purpose and passion within the industrial setting. The new capabilities in 24R1 provide powerful industrial AI functionality, but also packed into the release is new industry-specific tooling. 

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