Knowlarity chooses Google Cloud for Programmable Speech Analytics platform

Knowlarity Communications has selected Google Cloud to launch its Programmable Speech Analytics platform in India. The Programmable Speech Analytics solution promises to revolutionise the Speech Analytics market in India with its wide range of smart features including sentiment scoring, accurate transcription and real time analysis to offer improved conversational AI powered by Google Cloud. 

Knowlarity’s Programmable Speech Analytics platform will extract the data in real time where millions of calls will be processed automatically in a short span of time. Through this platform and open APIs, organizations can make sense of the huge reserves of audio/video data (recordings) at their disposal generated every day through collaboration of phone calls, online meetings, contact center phone calls, voice searches, multimedia without having to compromise on reliability, security and privacy. Enterprises can now automate their workflow and processes by identifying the purpose of the conversation through speech analytics keyword spotting feature to derive deep insights for operational efficiency. 

Voice is the standard way organizations use to engage with customers and improve their Customer Experience. The demand for speech analytics has witnessed a major surge in recent years with an increasing number of enterprises using mounds of voice data generated daily and leveraging it to identify customer trends, improve customer delivery and strengthen their services.

“Knowlarity Communications has been a trusted partner for enterprises in managing their business communications. We have now taken this leap to introduce the Programmable Speech Analytics Platform as a service to every industry vertical. With Programmable Speech Analytics, we will be able to provide Business Intelligence for organizations to take Operational as well as Strategic decisions. We are proud to work with Google Cloud in our endeavour to revolutionize the Speech Analytics market in this country.” said Yatish Mehrotra, CEO, Knowlarity Communications

“Speech analytics is emerging as an important driver for improving sales and customer experience for a number of organizations. While the speech analytics market in India has primarily been driven by the BPO industry, the demand is set to surge from other sectors as well including retail, banking, healthcare, telecom and hospitality. Google Cloud believes in being a forerunner in helping our customers build innovative solutions and Knowlarity is a great example.” said Mr Karan Bajwa, Managing Director, Google Cloud India.

Key product features of Knowlarity’s Speech Analytics service includes 125 language transcriptions, real-time Speech recognition, speech adaptation, multi-channel transcription, content filtering, noise robustness, keyword Spotting (theme discovery & auto-call categorization), people Intelligence, speech to text conversion and real-time alerts. Knowlarity’s Programmable Speech Analytics platformoffers enterprise, conversation analysis processes at an affordable cost. As an introductory offer Knowlarity is providing this service at an affordable price in India starting as low as 27p per second. 

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