HPE Enables Social Startups at IIIT-B to Accelerate App Development

HPE’s Aruba wireless infrastructure deployed at IIIT-B Innovation Centre’s I-MACX Studios enables an ecosystem of social innovators access to seamless and secure connectivity, thereby improving time to market for their apps

Bengaluru – Feb 28, 2019 – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced that, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts under its Living Progress program, the company has deployed end-to-end wireless infrastructure from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company at the I-MACX Studios located at the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B) Innovation Centre in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

I-MACX (IOT-to-Mobility Apps for Community Excellence) is an IIIT-B Innovation Centre initiative, which supports startups in the area of social entrepreneurship focused on accelerating civic excellence through the intelligent use of emerging technologies. The startups being nurtured at the I-MACX Studios develop apps that enable the underprivileged, elderly, and students in the remote parts of the state to seamlessly access the services provided by governments and corporations.

As a leading technology company, we believe the pace of innovation in IT is imperative to solve some of India’s most pressing societal challenges. Additionally, the growing social entrepreneurship ecosystem in our country promises to take a disruptive approach to innovation, which can address various environmental and social governance issues,” says

Som Satsangi,
MD, HPE India.

“We are excited to support the startups at I-MACX Studios with a best-in-class Aruba wireless infrastructure, so they continue to concentrate on their quest to make our world a better place.”

I-MACX Studios is an integral part of the IIIT-B Innovation Centre focused on creating an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem that works towards digital social innovation. For such startups, seamless and secure connectivity is critical as it is a key element in the app development process,” says

Prof. S. Sadagopan,
Director, IIIT-B.

“We are extremely happy with the performance of the Aruba wireless infrastructure deployed by HPE at the I-MACX Studios. The solution has not only addressed the connectivity concerns of the startups, but has also enabled them to reduce the time required from app development to deployment.”

The most far-reaching objective of HPE’s Corporate Social Responsibility program – Living Progress is to harness the power of IT to accelerate sustainable outcomes. Together with its partners, the company is implementing transformative solutions to address critical social and environmental issues.

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