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Honeywell’s Digitalisation solutions can be a game changer for growth in safe manufacturing


By unifying IT and OT data, Honeywell Forge optimizes operational processes, assets, and people across a wide range of industries 

Explain Honeywell Forge and the kind of business problems they are solving.

Honeywell Forge is an innovative Enterprise Performance Management software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that leverages advanced data analytics to solve complex business problems by integrating typically siloed operations. With a focus on maximizing efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability, Honeywell Forge can bring together operational assets, equipment and business processes, providing users with a centralized view of their entire enterprise.

We are dedicated to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technologies to optimize maintenance operations, improve efficiency, and enhance overall performance

Mr. Kap Prabhakaran, Vice President, Engineering, Honeywell Connected Enterprise (HCE), India

Built with an emphasis on easy adoption and the highest levels of cybersecurity, Honeywell Forge can unite and analyze massive quantities of data from equipment, processes, and people, converting it into intuitive, actionable information for near real-time monitoring. By harnessing advanced data analytics, the software enables customers to optimize efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and profitability. One of its standout features is predictive analytics and learning capabilities, which identify maintenance issues, manage labor effectively, reduce costs, and boost productivity. In a world where large enterprises often lack comprehensive visibility into their operations and struggle to derive business intelligence from disparate data sources, Honeywell Forge can provide timely and actionable performance insights.

The SaaS solution can transform operations quickly and efficiently, providing leaders of complex businesses with the visibility they need to focus resources on innovation and macro business objectives.

Honeywell Forge also plays a crucial role in improving building management. With a focus on providing a user-friendly experience for occupants and owners, it offers features like space availability notifications, contactless access, temperature readings, and auto-adjusted comfort levels. Building operators benefit from energy optimization, equipment maintenance alerts, and remote management, enhancing overall efficiency and sustainability.

By unifying IT and OT data, Honeywell Forge optimizes operational processes, assets, and people across a wide range of industries, from midsize manufacturers to global retail chains. It empowers businesses to answer critical questions about performance, sustainability, and safety, continuously analyzing asset performance to identify issues before failures occur, promoting longevity, reducing downtime, and cutting maintenance costs.

The software’s versatility and effectiveness have already delivered significant benefits to customers. It has helped airlines reduce fuel spending through optimal flight route identification, enabled large-scale building managers to minimize their environmental footprint while saving on maintenance costs, and improved refinery throughput by using digital twins to detect potential production issues before they arise.

Overall, Honeywell Forge is a transformative solution that can revolutionize the way businesses collect, analyze, and act on data, solving intricate business problems and driving efficiency, safety, and profitability across industries. Its advanced capabilities, user-friendly design, and integration potential have made it a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their operations and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving world.

How does Honeywell Forge detect threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance?

At Honeywell, cybersecurity is of utmost importance to us. We fully understand that our customers’ security concerns are a top priority. As a result, we are committed to designing our products with security at the forefront, ensuring they meet the highest standards.

To achieve this, we invest significantly in our software development process, with over half of our 22,000 engineers worldwide dedicated to software-related tasks. Cybersecurity is an integral part of this process, ensuring that our products are robust and resilient against potential threats. In the event of any potential vulnerability, we handle the situation responsibly, acting swiftly and transparently. Our priority is to address such issues promptly to safeguard our customers’ interests and data.

Additionally, we believe in the importance of user education. We actively encourage our customers to adopt cybersecurity best practices, especially when it comes to securing building control devices, particularly those connected to the internet.

By working together with our customers and emphasizing cybersecurity best practices, we aim to create a secure and reliable environment for all our stakeholders. At Honeywell, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of cybersecurity for our products and services, providing our customers with the peace of mind they deserve.

How Honeywell Forge is enabling predictive maintenance for buildings aligning with the trends in the segment? 

Our predictive maintenance solutions are designed to monitor on-board equipment in near real-time, leveraging advanced analytics and historical data analysis. By predicting potential component failures and their timelines, technicians can proactively address issues before they escalate into major problems.

Through our Honeywell Forge SaaS solution, maintenance teams can gain valuable insights that may significantly reduce unscheduled events by preventing faults in the first place. Harnessing the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, our connected maintenance solution can identify and efficiently resolve problems, eliminating the need for extensive manual monitoring and interpretation of data.

We understand the importance of providing actionable information in a user-friendly manner.

At Honeywell, we are dedicated to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technologies to optimize maintenance operations, improve efficiency, and enhance overall performance. With our solutions, businesses can stay ahead of potential issues and focus on driving success with confidence.

Overview of Honeywell Connected Enterprise in India

Both Honeywell and our software arm, Honeywell Connected Enterprise, have a strong employee presence in India. Honeywell India employees deliver innovative technologies to customers in tackling some of the toughest challenges in energy, security, safety and sustainability. Honeywell Connected Enterprise has employees in various regions of the world, but we also have a very strong and skilled team here in India. Our team has leading software development skills along with deep domain experience across many different industries. The team here is working on new and enhanced solutions across a number of verticals including industrials, buildings, supply chain, aerospace and many more. The skills of our employee base cross a very large spectrum, but include experts in areas as diverse as software development, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What are the expectations from the market this year and the business outlook?

We expect strong growth this year for Honeywell in India. We believe Honeywell’s diverse portfolio is perfectly aligned with India’s strategic goals and positioned to capitalise on key sectors experiencing rapid expansion. We also believe that Honeywell Forge will continue to grow in providing innovative software offerings that help drive digital transformation. Software and related services are a key part of our portfolio, and as we recently communicated in our annual report, they made up $9 billion of Honeywell’s total 2022 sales.

Explain Enabling Intelligent Operations: Digitalization and sustainability for industrials, life sciences, and distribution centers

Many companies have ramped up their investments in digital transformation because they can simplify operations and potentially deliver measurable cost savings. Honeywell Forge is unique from many digital solutions in that it helps organizations achieve more intelligent operations through a single enterprise system of record for their operations. By uniting data and connecting key operational assets, Honeywell Forge enables intelligent operations with actionable data that leads to better operational outcomes – what we call intelligent operations. It can connect assets, people, and processes to drive intelligent operational performance, enhance product quality and improve sustainability outcomes.

What are the new technological innovations undertaken at HCE?

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is an enormous amount of industrial data, which is doubling roughly every two years. Many of our solutions are focused on turning all this data into valuable insights and profitable outcomes. We continue to innovate our Honeywell Forge suite of solutions with new and enhanced solutions that are focused on key outcomes in three areas: digitalization, sustainability and cybersecurity. Additionally, we continue to introduce and enhance new software solutions that are vertical-focused, such as with industrials, life sciences, buildings and supply chain,

For example, we introduced two innovative solutions focused on production intelligence and upskilling industrial workers. We developed Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Production Intelligence as an advanced analytics and insights solution for industrial end-users that can deliver up to 30% improved worker productivity and up to 3% improved plant throughput. We launched our Honeywell Connected Workforce Competency solution as a new cloud-deployed operations training tool providing easy access to comprehensive experiential training content, anywhere and anytime. These two new solutions deliver on two distinctive needs: better analytical insights on performance and improved training to help workers meet key challenges with process modeling and technical knowledge gaps. Each solution is innovative in its own ways, but they both are focused optimizing performance and productivity.

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