Happiest Minds and Beatroute Partner to Offer Revenue Realization Solutions for CPG Industry

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited and BeatRoute have entered into a strategic partnership to solve typical revenue realization problems faced presently by the CPG industry . The complex CPG eco-system is characterized by multiple channels and relationships including Modern Trade, General/Traditional Trade and other B2B channels that require a seamless, holistic solution to enable smart selling physically as well as digitally.

This partnership empowers CPG enterprises with a goal-oriented Digital Transformation journey, by leveraging new age technologies such as ML, Store Analytics, Sales Process Gamification, Bots and Social Channels to drive Sales Uplift and provide brands with a competitive advantage.

Happiest Minds offers a full stack of solutions for the CPG industry, focused on business outcomes that leverage principles of next-gen technologies for maximum impact. The current pandemic has scaled the need for automation and business driven technology implementation. This is where the Happiest Minds and Beatroute Partnership enters, by offering revenue realization solutions for the post pandemic CPG industry,” said Rajiv Shah, CEO, Digital Business Services, Happiest Minds.

“The CPG industry is adapting to the new normal in the post pandemic world, characterized by the highly connected shopper, endless choices at Retail and a reset of brand loyalty. The partnership with Beatroute complements Happiest Minds’ suite of CPG offerings and will provide brands with next-gen digital solutions for increased market share and deeper collaboration with channel partners ” says Veena Sriram, Vice President and Head, Retail & CPG, Digital Business Services, Happiest Minds.

“Too many CPG organizations have spent too much time trying to automate and digitize their field sales and marketing workflows. Our vision is to go beyond automation and help our customers achieve Goal-driven Sales Transformation. In this partnership with Happiest Minds, I see a perfect combination of Technology and Advisory that will take this innovation to a large number of customers worldwide.” says Vinay Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, BeatRoute.

“Our focus has been to drive continuous incremental business outcome for our customers with scalable enterprise SaaS offering and quick, zero-code deployment. This focus has helped our customers go live within 3 to 8 weeks and achieve sales uplift by up to 30% within months.” Said Sumit Gandhi, Partner & VP, Customer Success, BeatRoute.

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