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Exposure management will be crucial for cybersecurity in 2023


As businesses adopt emerging technologies to grow, the attack surface constantly expands. A holistic view of all cyber exposures is critical to secure dynamic IT environments. In the year ahead, organizations exposure management will be key in eliminating silos and establishing deterrence against attacks. In an interview with Kartik Shahani, Country Manager, Tenable India speaks about Tenable’s journey in India in 2022 and the company’s plans for the year ahead.

We are able to help organizations eliminate data silos created by using point tools. With Tenable One, organizations have a full view of their attack surface, so they can prioritize which areas need to be secured first

Kartik Shahani, Country Manager, Tenable India

As a company – how has Tenable performed in 2022 in the Indian Customer Industry? 

 Tenable has brought new technologies to market through innovation and acquisitions to help customers in India and around the world to not only assess vulnerabilities but discover problems in their Active Directory, cloud, control systems and OT, and other parts of their IT environment. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]We recognize that today’s organizations are operating on distributed, hybrid networks that stretch across many data centres in multiple geolocations, cloud-based infrastructures, applications, virtualized platforms and services and much more. There are more types of technologies, assets and services in every organization and each and every one of them is vulnerable to some sort of attack or threat beyond a simple, exploitable vulnerability caused by a missing patch.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]It is for this reason that we recently launched Tenable One an Exposure Management Platform to help organizations holistically look at the entire attack surface and operationalizes preventive security practices. 

What are the major cyber security technologies opportunities you have participated in while coming to solving challenges in the user market? 

As the attack surface gets more complex and dynamic, securing IT environments requires a holistic view of all areas of exposure. We launched Tenable One to help organizations fully understand the breadth and depth of their exposures. With a unified solution, we are able to help organizations address vulnerability management, web application security, cloud security, identity security, attack path analysis and external attack surface management. 

Which industries have adopted your technologies? 

From a global perspective, Tenable’s customers include over 50% of Fortune 500, more than 30% of the Global Fortune 2000 companies and large governmental agencies. Organizations in the financial, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, government, and public sectors rely on Tenable’s Exposure Management platform to gain visibility into their entire attack surface, and holistically assess, manage and measure cyber exposure.  

What are other milestones you have achieved last year? 

At Tenable, insights from our customers inform decisions we make and these insights have led us to envision a future where vulnerability management and preventative cybersecurity tools need to come together to shift the current security paradigm. And this was what led us to launch TenableOne in 2022.  

We are able to help organizations eliminate data silos created by using point tools. With Tenable One, organizations have a full view of their attack surface, so they can prioritize which areas need to be secured first. Tenable also achieved Application Security distinction in the AWS Security Competency for our cloud-native vulnerability management solution. With Tenable’s acquisition of Bit Discovery in 2022, we launched an attack surface management solution this year — Tenable.asm. With attack path analysis and external attack surface management, organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of the attack surface by seeing what an attacker sees and knowing what to prioritize.  

What is your road map for 2023? 

A lot of the industry operates in silos. We will continue to change that mindset. Tenable One is an aggressive step forward, we’re helping people look across their entire landscape where are weaknesses or combination of weaknesses and allow you the figure out the most efficient way to break those paths and reduce risk. 

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