Dell Enhances Engineered Solutions for EVO – RAIL

It is designed to power virtual infrastructure general-purpose workloads, and virtual desktop infrastructure

Dell unveils solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon edition, and updates to the Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL appliance. Both of these workload-optimized technology solutions provide customers with faster time-to-value, elasticity and greater ease of use.

It enables customers of all sizes to quickly and easily deploy and scale infrastructure for virtual desktops to end users based on business demand, and is optimized for consistent performance across all virtual desktops.

The updated Solutions introduces enhanced features for new and existing customers, including serviceability automation and increased scalability, enabling one button replacement of hard drives and network interface cards, allowing customers to spend less time on IT management tasks and more on strategic, forward-looking projects. Increased scalability allows customers to purchase the capacity they need today, with the ability to scale in the future as their business requires.

It is designed to power virtual infrastructure general-purpose workloads, and virtual desktop infrastructure. It offer customers reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 63.9 percent over three years compared to a do-it-yourself solution, provide zero downtime, easier upgrades, patch management and out-of-the-box integrations with existing VMware management tooling and reduces the steps required to stand up a new private cloud from 683 to 50.

“VMware and its Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners are bringing the simplicity of consumer appliances to the world of enterprise infrastructure. VMware EVO:RAIL is a new building block for software-defined data centre environments that takes the guesswork out of building, deploying, scaling and managing software-defined infrastructure services,” said Sundar Balasubramanian, Sr. Director, General Business, VMware India.

Manish Gupta, Director, Enterprise Solutions Group, Dell India said: “The combination of Dell’s industry leading x-86 architecture and web scale expertise, with the VMWare software virtualization solutions, is an ideal one as it delivers greater efficiency, agility and speed for customers. Ultimately we want to give customers of all sizes a hyper-converged end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure appliance with the combination of hardware, software and support, which is easy to deploy. Additionally, the adoption of a software-defined approach, gives opportunities for customers to scale-out infrastructure as and when necessary.”

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