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DE-CIX India on its Astounding Achievements and Future plans for the upcoming FY

Mr. Sudhir Kunder, Country Director, DE-CIX India

Mr. Sudhir Kunder, Country Director, DE-CIX India, where he shares insights on the milestones achieved so far and the way forward for the next FY

Digital services & applications are now requiring lower latencies. If latency requirements continue to evolve at the same rate as innovation in recent years, then it means that digital infrastructure will become even more important in the future.

Mr. Sudhir Kunder, Country Director, DE-CIX India

As a company – how DE-CIX has performed in 2022 in the Indian end-user market? 

DE-CIX has passed the test of 2022 with flying colours and we are proud to announce that. 

  • For the 2nd consecutive year, DE-CIX India is India’s Largest Interconnection Platform 
  • For 18 months at a stretch and to date, DE-CIX Mumbai has ranked as the Largest Interconnection Platform in the APAC region among 153 exchanges in 29 countries. 
  • 590+ networks, including India and Global Countries around the world, are connected to a world-class Interconnection Platform via DE-CIX, and our customers have upgraded by four digits, demonstrating their renewed trust in us. 
  • In the last year, the growth skyrocketed with a rise in the segments of : 

OTT & VOD – 1075% 

Gaming – 1055% 

CDN – 550% 

Social & Online Media – 516% 

ISP – 475% 

and Hosting – 282%. 

What are the major technology opportunities you have participated in while coming to solving challenges in the user market? 

We have collaborated/participated in numerous high-profile projects using cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Virtual Reality (VR), 5G, Interconnected Data Centres and many more. This helped develop Edtech, Fintech, Agro, Gaming, Media and Autonomous Vehicles and in solving complicated challenges that improvised productivity and efficiency. Upon integrating with our services, the solution becomes more responsive, robust in performance, adaptable, secure and cost-effective.  

Our collaborations with the Telco Giants & Data Centre Providers like Yotta & Lightstrom as well as reselling partners like AAA Cloud Telephony are worth mentioning. 

In our pursuit of perfection, we’ve adopted the mantras of “Customer First” and “Customer Delight.” We take pride in offering services that our customers can rely on, keeping in mind the crucial role of a company’s reputation in its long-term success. As the market shifts from traditional to digital businesses, we are prepared to meet any new challenges head-on as the first legally compliant organisation on which companies rely. 

How many net new customers have you added this year? Who are the major names? 

Over the past year, we’ve welcomed over 198 new members to our family. Since many of our customers use our White-Labelled Services to resell them under their own brand or one of our reseller brands, hence not all are reflected on our website. 

What are other milestones you have achieved last year? 

  • DE-CIX India maintains its position as India’s Largest Interconnection Platform for the 2nd Consecutive year. 
  • Even after 1.5 years DE-CIX Mumbai continues to remain the Largest Interconnection Platform in the Asia Pacific region amongst 153 exchanges in 29 countries. 
  • Highest uptime, redefining the global benchmark. 
  • First Interconnection Platform in India to implement IRRDB filtering. 
  • Inner Review Awarded DE-CIX India “The 10 Fastest Growing Companies to Watch-2022” 

Which industries have adopted DE-CIX technologies aggressively vis-à-vis the competition? 

As mentioned earlier DE-CIX is the only provider that allows Internet Exchange, Cloud Exchange, and Microsoft Azure Peering Services to coexist on a Single Access Port. DE-CIX is the first company of its kind to offer this to the Indian market.  

Raitel, Powergrid, Jubilant Enpro, Uddan, BSNL, Godfrey Phillips, Tea Board,  Extra Marks, NTPC, and IITM Pravartar are some of the names we take pride in mentioning as our valued clients, who have been able to achieve the acceleration of their digital transformation endeavours by virtue of using our Peering & DirectCLOUD Services. They look forward to and appreciate our upcoming services, such as MAPS. 

Companies representing BFSI, Logistics, Fintech, Edtech, Gaming, Entertainment, Autonomous vehicles and much more use our Services. The range of our service offerings and the confidence placed in us by so many different companies are what sets us apart in the marketplace. 

While working with one of our Peering Experts, our clients receive support throughout the entire Life Cycle Management process, from identifying and prioritising needs to receiving training, feedback, and consultation during the ecosystem vendor/partner selection process, as well as assistance with making purchases, implementing new technologies, and more. This distinguishes us from the marketplace. 

We have only one competitor and that is ourselves. Outperforming ourselves, setting higher benchmarks and being better than what we were yesterday is our daily driving force.  

What is your revenue growth expectation for this year?

We are pleased to share that in the past two years, our company’s revenue has grown exponentially. We are hoping to continue the same trend & grow manifold. 

Also in today’s world “Latency is the new currency.” Digital services & applications are now requiring lower latencies. If latency requirements continue to evolve at the same rate as innovation in recent years, then it means that digital infrastructure will become even more important in the future. We are prepared to play our role by paving the way & leading businesses on this digital path. 

We foresee that the digital industry will grow fivefold in the coming year, & we are looking forward to seeing our rocket ship growing on the revenue front in the same way.  

What is your road map for 2023?

As an Interconnection Platform, we are connected with the maximum number of ISPs, CDNs, OTT players, and Telcos, and we are seeing an increasing number of participants from industry segments like Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Logistics, Pharma, Construction, Ecommerce, Media, and many more.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Our roadmap: 

  • Launch of Microsoft Azure Peering Services (MAPS) in Southern and Western India, covering the majority of Enterprises, SMEs, and SMBs. 
  • In the near future, we are focusing on establishing POPs in strategic locations at Data Centres with National and International organizations. Southern and Northern, will receive two Exchanges. 
  • We are also launching innovative services such as InterconnectionFLEX and Blackholing. 
  • Our service will have enhanced reach & increased availability due to Lightstorm’s Services. 
  • Establishment of Enterprise Business Unit (EBU), as well as enhancement of new alliance partners, as we did by the end of 2022. 

Our company works diligently across multiple verticals in the Indian market and other SAARC countries as we are constantly upgrading our network to ensure that it can stand strong in times of ever-growing demand.  

To summarise, DE-CIX is and will always be the medium through which digital is made available to everyone, everywhere.  

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