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Core Integra brings technology-based governance, risk, and compliance solutions to organizations

Mahesh krishnamoorthy

Ctrl F offers an ERP-based software tool to help stakeholders comply with Indian labour laws.

Ctrl F brings a centralized Compliance monitoring framework with a complete checklist of all applicable central, state and industry-specific laws.

Mr. Mahesh krishnamoorthy, MD – Core Integra

Give our readers a brief about the flagship platform ctrl F by Core Integra 

Established in the Year 2009, Core Integra is India’s leading regulatory technology company transforming Compliance. Its solution Ctrl F helps Corporate India stay on the right side of the law with a real-time environment that is trusted by over 500 entities and 7000 enterprise users in 30 industries. Ctrl F offers an ERP-based software tool to help stakeholders comply with Indian labour laws. The multi-tenant, cloud-based, web-based, and mobile Compliance SAAS solution keeps track of all compliances and has recently added advanced workflows using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for automating labour Compliance. 

The platform brings technology-based governance, risk, and compliance solutions to organizations, from large corporates to start-ups. The platform services across the industry verticals through disruptive technology solutions. Additionally, the platform also includes automated statutory compliance management, risk management, regulatory Compliance and audit software that optimizes business performance. The platform offers a comprehensive library of all Laws and Acts in India with an easy search mechanism. 

How Tech enabled SaaS platforms can help enterprises to simplify their HR and compliance management processes 

Ctrl F easily tracks the ever–changing environment of labour compliances. Ctrl F brings a centralized Compliance monitoring framework with a complete checklist of all applicable central, state and industry-specific laws. The SaaS-based plug-and-play tool gives free access to 40,000 pages of the Indian labour laws; 1000+ Laws and Acts, 10,000+compliances, 20000+ legal updates, 1000+ register and return formats including approx. 200 bi-lingual formats and more. Being an integrated governance, risk and Compliance software, it manages contracts, litigation, risks, controls and audits. The software also tracks policies, procedures, SOPs etc. With automated alerts and triggers supporting the comprehensive dashboards and reports, the intuitive and easy-to-use modern design & interface is designed for an enhanced visual experience.  

You can imagine a scenario where all the above mentioned are in the form of books, paper, excel sheets which are to be filed, stored for many years in physical format. Any query requires a search through volumes of paper/computerized sheets. Management reporting has to be manually done and is time consuming. To top it all, never will it be known whether the organization is 100% compliant or not at any point of time. CtrlF simplifies the entire process with complex information on finger tips with higher control on compliance adherence.  

Which are the new technologies users can expect from Core Integra in upcoming time? 

Core Integra aspires Ctrl F to be a comprehensive RegTech platform and a single point for the Industry when it comes to Acts, Laws, Compliances whether it be for knowledge or for execution or for governance.  

We are introducing many RPA tools integrated with Ctrl F which will make end to end processing and integration with third party software seamless thereby ensuring accurate, complete and transparent information flow and retention. In the months to come, we would also be introducing AI technology on the platform which will enable high level analytics and insights to facilitate better management decisions on the compliances.  

Are there any key corporate compliances/laws effectively changing from April’23? If yes, can you please shed some light 

The new labour codes consolidating 29 Laws and Acts into 4 codes have been announced for over two years now and most of the States have prepared their draft codes basis the defined framework. The industry is looking forward to implementation guidelines and applicable dates. This would be a major step by the Government and authorities in simplification, consolidation and digitalization of labour laws in India. 

What are the goals of Core Integra for the upcoming fiscal year And your roadmap for 2023? 

We have large expansion plans for the coming financial year. The first priority is to increase the penetration of CtrlF in domestic markets for which there are many initiatives in the pipeline. There are a good number of product enhancements along with introduction of new age technologies over the next 6-9 months. We are confident of enhancing the relationship with existing Clients across product lines and also achieving a three digit percentage growth in Client acquisition for which the team size on technology and services side is being scaled. We are also looking forward to opening new offices in India. 

On the international front, there are some plans but its quite early to reveal the same. 

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