Connectivity accessories will be a big business in near future

The proliferation of laptops, smart phones and tablets has in turn spurred the mobile connectivity and accessories market. Gautam Shah, CEO Cadyce shed some light on the current market scenario, new innovations and releases and future growth prospects.

Q: How do you see the market growth for Cadyce in India?

With the increase in usage of smart phones and advanced gadgets, connectivity accessories will be a big business in near future. It is growing faster due to proliferation of laptops, smart phones and tablets. The accessories market can easily be twice or even thrice that of laptops, smart phones and tablets.

“Cadyce has already captured most of the Middle East, South East Asian as well as the African market. We are now targeting US as well as Europe.”

Gautam Shah

Q: What are the product-lines being marketed by Cadyce?

Cadyce offers a wide range of products in the networking genre. There are various categories that Cadyce offers such as Type C products, Apple accessories, USB 3.0/2.0 range of accessories, docking stations & hubs, wide range of display adapters, IP cameras, NVR systems, POE switches, routers & range extenders, presentation devices and a lot more. You can log on to to get detailed information about these products.

Q: Are the products manufactured by Cadyce or done through ODM/OEM? If you have your own manufacturing, tell us briefly about the facility?

All the products are manufactured by Cadyce. We do have our own manufacturing /production facility in China/Taiwan. Our facility consists of state –of- the- art infrastructure and machinery with the latest technology which is managed by extremely skilled man power.

  1. What do you believe is the USP of Cadyce products? What is your advantage over competition?

All Cadyce products are of a premium quality built with the most innovative technology. The products are plug and play and very easy to set up. The components used for product built-up are of a very high quality. Products have a unique aluminum design. Adding onto these, Cadyce also has a user friendly customer support. These are some features that put Cadyce products a step above the rest.

Q: What is the current channel strategy at Cadyce?

The message from Cadyce to our channel partners is, “Let’s Grow Together”. For us, our partners’ growth is more important in terms of education, profitability, professionalism etc.  We run certain protocols where we take care of after-sale service. Our RMA strategy is completely defined in the favor of our channel partners.

Q: What is your current retail strategy?

Offering retailers a wide range of products while maintaining pricing to a competitive level and attracting more operator subsidies are the key factors in our strategy towards the retail market

Q: What is the geography-specific strategy?

Cadyce has already made a mark across the country and captured most of the Middle East market, South East Asian market as well as the African market. Geographically speaking, we are now targeting US as well as Europe.

Q: What is the RMA and Warranty strategy of the company? What is the turnaround time of the products under warranty?

We would like to start off by stating about Cadyce RMA rate being less than 0.25 %. There are a set of modules followed in case of RMA. The customer gets in touch with our service team via our toll free number, online chat or email. Post that, we pick up the product from the customers doorstep and get it back to our service centre to analyze the problem. The issue in the product is then either fixed or the product is replaced. The turnaround time for the products under warranty is 8 to 10 working days.

Q: What new products the company wants to add in 2017?

The year 2017 will be quite an iconic year for Cadyce as we plan to come up with a wide range of Type C display adapters, multiport adapters, docking stations, hubs and thunderbolt 3 ranges of products.

Q: What is the turnover growth that you are looking to achieve during 2017-18?

The company is expecting to grow at least 30% on the previous year’s achievement.

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