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Batelco “Clean Pipe” service for Enterprises


The new service ensures protection from high-volume cyber-attacks.

Collaboration with Nexusguard ensures data sovereignty compliance, reinforcing trust and resilience in the digital ecosystem.

Batelco has introduced “Clean Pipe” a new innovative service to provide the highest levels of reliability and performance for the internet connectivity of its enterprise customers, protecting them from high volume cyber-attacks. The service is delivered in partnership with Nexusguard, a leading provider of DDoS attack protection solutions.

Batelco Clean Pipe will offer its enterprise customers a highly optimised experience, by ensuring dependable and swift transmission of critical data, free from interruptions, security risks and slowdowns. Through the collaboration with Nexusguard, Batelco has implemented a scrubbing center integrated into its robust network infrastructure enabling the delivery of its secure connectivity solution “Clean Pipe”, which filters out malicious traffic and effectively cleanses and safeguards the internet traffic for its subscribers.

Abdulla Danesh, General Manager Enterprise, Batelco said, “We are delighted to deliver the “Clean Pipe” service to ensure access to consistent and reliable internet connectivity. The service is ideal for businesses looking to streamline operations and connectivity without the complexities of conventional network security measures. By leveraging the latest technologies, we empower our customers with the confidence and assurance to navigate the digital realm with unwavering security.” 
By deploying this service, Batelco guarantees a reliable and uninterrupted internet connection, while simultaneously shielding its enterprise customers from cyber-attacks. Specifically, the solution strengthens defenses against volumetric attacks, which have the potential to overwhelm and cripple targeted networks or servers by flooding them with traffic.

Batelco’s “clean pipe” solution will empower customers to focus on their core business, providing them with a secure digital environment, free from disruptive cybercrimes, including malicious DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, in which the attacker floods the subscriber’s network with internet traffic, preventing end users from accessing connected online services and sites. Furthermore, customers will also benefit from low latency and consistent service during attack mitigation.

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