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Technology Initiatives and Innovations are the Key Areas, Says CTO, Athenta Technologies

Jacob A Thomas, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Athenta Technologies

Briefly tell us about your company?

Athenta Technologies is a product company specializing in Integrated Infrastructure Management business and having its presence in India. A leader striving towards “Continued Innovation”, Athenta products enable the customers to monitor and manage their infrastructure whether it’s Facility, IT Compute or Operations, in real-time.

Athenta Technologies is a Marvell in the Infrastructure Management business for more than 9+ years. The core Business is Datacenter, Smart City and Urban Transport; delivering cost-effective solutions that are Smart, Scalable and Efficient in handling evolving businesses.

The company’s end-to-end appliance-based offering significantly simplifies the operations of the infrastructure along with quick extended support for its customers and partners.

Kindly tell us about your products and services?

Athenta Technologies has a ubiquitous platform that straddles multiple verticals, with its current focus on Datacenter Infrastructure Management, Urban Transportation Infrastructure Management and Smart City Integrated Command and Control. The product line covers every aspect of Infrastructure Management, starting from end equipment to network backbone and core operations. These solutions provide the overall visibility of the infrastructure, from detecting problems, identification, recording trails, resolution, and comprehensive helpdesk assistance.

What is your India presence and market positioning?

Athenta delivers across PAN India. We have tie-ups with major MSI’s and SI’s to work with and our Partner Channel is exceedingly strong enough to position and support the deployments.

Over the years, Athenta has ranked upwards and the preferred OEM for Infrastructure Monitoring and Operations Management. Athenta is always committed to serve the customer with rightful services and solutions.

Apart from Infrastructure, what are your main verticals?

The primary business focus is on Datacenter, and full stack offering for Metro Rail and Smart Cities. The offering takes care of Monitoring, Management, Governance, Operations and Life-cycle Management of the customer’s eco-system.

Some of the verticals, we are working are as:

Government and City Administration, Airline, Transport Department, Metro, Railways, Automobile, Factories, etc.

What are your main strengths in terms of the value that Athenta brings to the customer?

Made in India and Developed in India, Athenta offers smartest and quickest customizations and support tasks than any other OEM in this vertical. The strength lies in the capability of planning and executing the projects, collaborated with all business stakeholders. We walk with the customer on Infrastructure Management and Optimization.

What is the major Infrastructure related challenges that you hear in your CIO/CTO conversations?

At Athenta, we believe and offer connecting all the systems/sub-systems on a single pane of glass; the umbrella for the entire eco-system. Integrating everything into the core platform with minimal overhead to the existing systems with minimal investments. Our expertise in integration extends to customer solutions.

As a CTO, what was the toughest decision you made for Athenta?

Leaving the Source Code Developments.

Technology initiatives and innovations are now the key areas as a CTO role. Now, I guide the individuals and teams to build the stack for the business, bring value-adds, design customer-centric solutions and boosting sales.

 How soon can a customer see the results of such a deployment?

Customers can forecast the value-adds in less than 3 months, post deployments. The end-product of Athenta solutions are Clear insights of the Infrastructure; one can expect the ROI to be visible within a few months of going live. Athenta solution helps the customer to drastically increase operational and resource efficiencies. 

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