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ASIRT launches Gold Member Program 2014

ASIRT permits use of ASIRT Gold Member logo to all those members who deliver highest standards of customer experience in terms of service guarantees

In the last TechDay of 2013, the Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) launched the ASIRT Gold Member Program 2014 amidst much fanfare. ASIRT Gold Member Program (AGM 2014) is not only aimed at streamlining and building fair and profitable system integrator fraternity, but will benefit end-customers across industry verticals and segments – be it government, enterprises, small and medium businesses, small office home office or consumers.

As one of the leading associations of the country, ASIRT permits use of ASIRT Gold Member logo to all those members who deliver highest standards of customer experience in terms of service guarantees, infrastructure, expertise and ethical code of conduct, as defined by the association. However, if any of the members do not abide by the same, then they may be stripped off the primary membership of ASIRT too.

While addressing the august gathering on this occasion, Brand Guru, Suneel Agarwal highlighted as to how members can leverage the ASIRT Gold Member logo to stand out amongst the crowd. With this, they can become System Integrators of repute. He also urged the members to differentiate themselves from those who do not make the mark.

“But just being different is not enough. Conveying that you are different, better, more evolved, competent and provide an unmatched customer experience is the need of the hour as a customer perceives you as no different from the hundreds of others who may not be half as good as you.” He further emphasized on using ASIRT Gold Member 2014 so that it creates a genuine perception amongst the customers and thus every ASIRT Gold Member is treated as the best as well as above the rest.

Meanwhile, the association publishes a fair price chargeable by members along with Service Level Deliverables so that neither SI, nor customers are affected in any way. And like last year, ASIRT fellow members can enroll into the program without any fee even in 2014.

The other major highlight of this TechDay was also the introduction of BLACKBOX Data Safe, a world class High Availability and Disaster Recovery system, developed by Grecells. The company not only showed a video of live server failover but also demonstrated live at the event how a Microsoft Windows Server with SQL and applications running on top of BLACKBOX Data Safe continued to run without loss of data even when power plug was pulled out.

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