Almonds Ai Unveils ‘Green Loyalty Program’ Platform

Abhinav Jain

Almonds Ai unveils Green Loyalty ProgramTM, aiming to empower businesses for sustainability. The platform encourages eco-friendly behaviors, fosters environmental awareness, and rewards customers for making green choices within loyalty programs.

The Green Loyalty ProgramTM offers exclusive experiences specifically crafted for these organizations, granting them access to green rewards, eco-friendly events, workshops, and digital engagement opportunities. The Green Loyalty ProgramTM will be a key driver in making individuals a part of the sustainability initiatives taken by the government, which till date have majorly focused on large carbon emitting industrial players, providing India an easier path towards achieving Net Zero by 2070.

 Abhinav Jain & Apurv Modi, Co-Founders, Almonds Ai jointly said, “The world of loyalty programs and B2B channel partner engagements in India is a thriving INR 24,000 crore industry, projected to skyrocket to eighty thousand crores by 2030. As we closely observed the remarkable journey towards green loyalty initiatives, we realized that the transformation extends beyond traditional loyalty programs. Sustainability has become a key consideration, even in sales and distribution-driven initiatives. With the Green Loyalty ProgramTM, businesses can seamlessly integrate sustainability principles into their existing loyalty programs and can make a significant impact on the environment while fostering a strong bond with their customers, clients, stakeholders, and channel partners.”

Enterprises across various industries and scales have acknowledged the need to embrace eco-friendly practices and sustainability. They understand that their actions impact the environment and are actively seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint, conserve resources, and promote sustainable development. Businesses of all types and sizes are proactively pursuing avenues to diminish their environmental impact, save resources, and support sustainable growth.

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