2 Service products from Biostate AI


Biostate’s ultimate vision of individualized AI to predict drug effects would revolutionize medicine and health, and potentially unlock a new trillion-dollar market.

Biostate AI, has launched two service products, total RNA Sequencing and OmicsWeb Copilot for RNAseq Data Analysis. Biostate AI aims to partner and collaborate with academic researchers, hospital biorepositories, and pharma/biotech companies, leveraging its new technologies for scalable multi omic data collection, scientific discovery, and AI training.

“Training any AI well requires large quantities of relevant and high-quality data. Biostate AI has developed instrumental technologies to help collect more biological data at lower costs and is pleased to offer these capabilities to academic and industry partners and collaborators,” shared David Zhang, Co-Founder & CEO of Biostate AI.

“Bioinformatic analysis of RNAseq and other omics data is a highly complex, multi-step process that currently takes many hours of dedicated specialized programming. As we scaled up our RNAseq data collection in the past year, we started building OmicsWeb Copilot as an internal tool to help our scientists make sense of the data.  And then we realized other people may also find this tool useful, so we’re opening it up to the general public for free,” said Ashwin Gopinath, Co-Founder & CTO of Biostate AI.

Total RNA Sequencing uses its patent-pending Barcode-Integrated Reverse Transcription (BIRT) technology to affordably, scalably, and comprehensively analyze all types of RNA. Biostate has filed 9 pending patents on its technologies and collaborates with a number of industry partners on technology development, including Twist Biosciences. 

OmicsWeb Copilot helps biologists analyze and visualize data. OmicsWeb leverages state of the art large-language models (LLMs) to understand user requests and intent to build customized software and scripts for data analysis. The Copilot tool is being offered completely for free to academic and nonprofit users and researchers.

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