Zero Certainty Approach to Industry’s Broadest Cybersecurity Platform

Zero certainty is a term frequently touted but rarely implemented authentically by cybersecurity providers. Trend Micro Incorporated is changing that with the full release of its risk insights capability following a beta test with 3,500 enterprises. The industry’s broadest Zero Trust risk assessment solution now forms a critical component of Trend Micro’s unified cybersecurity platform. 

Joel Stradling, Research Director European Security & Privacy, IDC, said “Some of the downsides of digital transformation projects are legacy security systems causing issues and an almost unmanageable expansion of complexity,” “To compound this, the threat landscape is increasingly sophisticated making defense strategies similarly complex. Information is king, and Trend Micro’s Zero Trust Risk Insights gives CISOs better visibility into an organization’s security risk, which in turn helps organizations shed several layers of management complexity and achieve a stronger security posture.” 

Wendy Moore, vice president of product marketing at Trend Micro, said “This new solution adds further telemetry and visibility of connections across the entire IT environment to truly inform SOC teams,” “The risk and security of users, devices, and apps can be easily seen, issues prioritized in a way unique to Trend Micro’s platform capabilities. This is true Zero Trust theory put into product form.”

A comprehensive understanding of risk is the foundation for effective security prioritization and automatic access control decision making with Zero Trust. Many other vendors that claim to employ Zero Trust overlook this vital component in their own security philosophy. Trend Micro gives customers a complete understanding of their risk so security teams can make informed decisions and implement effective solutions rather than simply exchanging one piece of cybersecurity infrastructure for another. 

As the evolving threat landscape continues to garner attention amidst high profile security incidents, decision makers at enterprises worldwide are beginning to realize the benefits of a broad Zero Trust solution. 

“The challenges we face in securing our infrastructure are only growing more complex,” Chase Renes, System Administrator, Vision bank, said “Understanding our risks and potential vulnerabilities and how attackers will try to exploit them is the foundation of good cybersecurity. Trend Micro provides a complete picture of our security posture and allows us to eliminate or prevent threats before they surface.”

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