What Are The Best Ways To Build Brand Awareness?

Building brand awareness is all about making consumers familiar with your brand. Many of us are more likely to use a company if we’re already familiar with their brand name, logo or slogan. All in all, it can be a way of establishing trust and building future customers.

But just what is the best way to build brand awareness? Below are a few different tactics for building familiarity around your brand. 

PPC advertising
Pay-per-click (PPC) adverts are the most common type of internet ad. Many of us never actually click on these adverts, however they do make an impression on us – many of us subliminally become familiar with companies simply from seeing these ads. PPC ads could include promoted search listings on Google, banner ads on websites or even video ads on YouTube – think about how you can harness the power of these ads to boost your business. 

Social media contests
A lot of people like to enter contests on social media. Such contests can often be a great way of building brand awareness – by offering your product or service as a prize, you’ll encourage consumers to check out your product or service. Certain contestants may then be encouraged to purchase your product or service at a later date. 

Radio adverts
Radio adverts can be another great way to build brand awareness. Many of us still listen to the radio in our cars or at work. A catchy jingle or memorable script can help people to remember your company name or even your phone number. There are guides online that discuss more about creating radio adverts.

Event marketing
Seeing a brand advertised at an event can also help us to become familiar with it. Trade shows are a great example of a marketing event that can help to create brand awareness – by using personalised trade show vendor booths you can get people to remember your logo and company name. You can also build brand awareness simply by sponsoring events. 

Posters and billboards
By placing posters and billboards in strategic locations, you can also build brand awareness. People may be able to recall a logo in the future simply because they once saw it on a billboard on their way to work. There are companies you can pay to design posters and billboards.

Vehicle advertising
You can also build brand awareness by advertising your brand on the side of your company vehicle. People may see your van on the road and subliminally memorise your logo or company name. Vinyl wraps are the most common way to advertise a brand on a vehicle – these are temporary plastic coverings that go over the bodywork.

Promotional products
Another way to build brand awareness could be to give away promotional products. These include free products like bags, cups, pens and wristbands that have your logo, company name or contact details on. They could be given out at events or given to customers with a purchase (bags and cups are great for displaying your logo, helping people to become familiar with your brand). 

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