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We have a progressive approach of partnering with enterprises to chart their digital growth strategy

For the last two decades, our deep customer engagements have helped us to develop products and solutions that would enable them to compete and win in their respective business segments.

Vishal Rally, Senior Vice-President, Product & Marketing, Tata Teleservices.
What is your overall service portfolio and key product offerings?

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), as India’s leading technology enabler, powers digital transformation for businesses with its comprehensive portfolio of digital, cloud solutions. We encourage enterprises to develop better digital capabilities, build resilience and operational efficiencies across their value chain to make them future ready. TTBS has an extensive, high quality and robust wireline network and offers largest portfolio of solutions and services involving Cloud & SaaS, Collaboration, Connectivity, IoT, Marketing & Security. The company has expertise in both the digital and the connectivity space and this enables us to take end-to-end ownership of the entire solution, be it devices, applications, or connectivity. These solutions are an amalgamation of unique features that appropriately address the security aspects arising out of a distributed and remote working environment and enable enterprises to maintain business continuity while serving their customers with utmost efficiency.

For the last two decades, our deep customer engagements have helped us to develop products and solutions that would enable them to compete and win in their respective business segments.  This is reflected in our product innovations that have been widely recognized in the industry. Be it Ultra Lola for the broking segment or SIP Channel on Demand for marketing & service use cases or SmartOfficeTM, which is literally an office in a box; we always believed in garnering our customer’s trust based on executing customer first initiatives.  We cover a wide range of industry segments including IT/ITES, BFSI, Media, Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, E-commerce, Healthcare  etc. We also pay very close attention to the requirements of Start-ups.

How do you see the current progress in digitalization pace of the Indian enterprises? What is your prime strategy to help your customers grow from traditional to digital?  

The ‘new normal’ created as a result of the pandemic, has become a tipping point for the digitally enabled environments and workplace transformation. Enterprises that have had invested in digitising their ecosystem earlier have been able to adapt to this contemporary disruptive business environment with ease. The switch to hybrid and remote working has catalysed the digital enablement of business environments. Thus, it has given complete swing to business continuity plan by forcing all to set up access for employees at various points ie WFH / remote access. Also, regulatory and security is crucial while we plan business continuity for new normalEnterprise applications such as CRM, analytics, retail, voice and data etc. are transitioning rapidly to cloud to build in resilience and enable the workforce to collaborate in a more secure and meaningful manner. 

We have a progressive approach of partnering with enterprises to chart their digital growth strategy as a technology enabler/subject matter expert. Enterprises need advanced solutions that are scalable, easy to deploy, and are available in an asset/capex light model.  We have also been hosting various consultative sessions with the MSMEs and our Channel partners, demonstrating how to mitigate post-pandemic challenges by accessing cloud and digital services from various access points without compromising on security, efficiency and productivity.

What’s the overall contribution of TTBS in the segments such as cloud, AI and IoT applications?

IoT, AI and  Cloud along with security overlay, being scalable solutions have witnessed a massive boost, driven by new use cases to accelerate automation of processes and systems, and reduce human interactions for long term benefits of the enterprises. These technologies give enterprises the ability to develop new business models which offers endless benefits such as improved real-time interaction with customers, accurate insights, better inventory management, higher employee productivity, better resource allocation, effective forecasting resulting in more efficient business decisions.  TTBS has an IoT practice focused on Location Based Services (LBS) like Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Workforce Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, among others. We believe the IoT market will grow exponentially, and we will continue to strengthen our IoT services as per our customers’ requirements.

We have also expanded our portfolio of Cloud services – cloud security, application, and infrastructure solutions to address the increasing customer demand during the pandemic. Our highly flexible and scalable cloud communication suite – Smartflo, has been innovatively designed to boost business communication on cloud and support their hybrid work force working from office and remote locations. It allows uninterrupted connectivity between all stakeholders, internally within employees and externally with customers and vendors across platforms and touchpoints. Since data analytics is going to be a major draw for digital enterprises to enhance business intelligence, cloud’s strategic support in scaling small business gives them a rationale to leverage this technology.

How the cloud- telephony segment is evolving as per the changing business circumstances in India?

As businesses are getting digitally agile, cloud is becoming the backbone of their modernization strategy as it enables the businesses to strengthen their engagement with customers through seamless communication -anytime and anywhere with huge improvements in their RoI. As per Gartner, the cloud communication market is estimated to grow 18% in 2021 as telephony investment priorities shift to cloud.   Major benefit of choosing a cloud telephony service is its native digitalness. Since all cloud solutions are inherently designed for a digital or hybrid environment, they are well-equipped to deal with the growing overlap between digital technology and enterprise operations.

Advanced cloud telephony solutions like Smartflo, enhances seamless connectivity between all stakeholders and drives higher productivity by eliminating all the hassles and bottlenecks associated with legacy systems, be it frequent system downtime or missed calls/leads.  All your communication operations can also be scaled up or down, as per your current business need, on a cloud telephony framework, while there are no major infrastructural changes required to migrate onto a cloud-based platform. This ensures that your people are safe, and your business continues to function without a hitch – at a fraction of the costs associated with legacy PBX telephony systems. Besides this, with a pre-configured unified threat management system, cloud telephony solutions also offer more robust security to your business data.

How is Smartflo poised to help enterprises in their cloud communication

Smartflo is an award- winning, futuristic cloud communication suite that offers sophisticated convergence of digital connectivity, business intelligence and productivity. It enables businesses to strengthen engagement with customers through seamless communication, anytime and anywhere. It allows business minds to go farther from their cubicles, to work better from anywhere they choose to.

Smartflo’s highly flexible suite of cloud communication solutions optimize connectivity, helps build operational resilience and enables businesses to deliver better customer experiences across channels. Smartflo truly defines our vision of product innovation that empowers enterprises to Do Big. The setup is quick with zero installation charges with no capex investment. Smartflo comes with an uptime guarantee of 99.5% backed by TTBS  24X7 managed service capabilities and trust, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.

TTBS has seen a strong customer interest for Smartflo solutions across industry verticals like BFSI, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Education, Fintech, Logistics and E-commerce. These solutions appeal equally to a startup as to any small and large enterprise that requires a multi-functional, multi-modal, economical yet technologically advanced cloud communication suite.

Smartflo suite of solutions combine an uninterrupted flow of business communication with intelligent call routing and monitoring. It also offers on-demand scalability, which allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing business conditions. Smartflo comes with enterprise-grade security and reliability.

How do you see the hybrid-work culture model accelerating the adoption of Unified communication ecosystem?

Enterprises have lately realised the efficiency that the hybrid model offers in terms of productivity and business operations besides cost saving benefits. The companies that are moving fast of the digital trajectory are more confident in tackling the workforce disruption and implementing the optimum level of collaboration and seamless connectivity.

Enterprises are now leaning towards a common platform to control and monitor the overall dynamics of digital collaboration within the organization, and externally with the stakeholders, as well. Digital transformation has successfully created an environment of synchronized communication where accessibility of data at different levels is much easier and faster. The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation and evolved the newer ways of enterprise communication. Continuous connectivity and seamless collaboration have become two key elements for result driven output. The further growth of unified communication would be witnessed where enterprises have the ability to manage and control end-to-end connectivity and reach to their audiences at every possible corner.

How TTBS is addressing the growing demand of integrated cybersecurity solutions across multiple industries?

Cyber-attacks like phishing, ransomware etc have become more far more pervasive and sophisticated especially during the pandemic and these have a profound impact on company’s financials, reputation, and sustainability.  The large number of endpoints and rising cyber- attacks have made it imperative for enterprises to reassess their digital preparedness and improve the security of their remote users and devices along with the critical data associated with them.

To address this, TTBS has enhanced its Cybersecurity portfolio to provide a world class Cloud Content Security Platform (CCSP) to offer email security, web security, next generation firewall, endpoint security and multi-factor authentication (MFA) Security Services. Supported by Machine learning technology, the comprehensive security solutions platform is integrated with security offerings from Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet. TTBS customers now have access to a comprehensive smart perimeter security proposition that is robust, scalable and can be rapidly deployed at an affordable cost due to multi-tenanted architecture.

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