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VMware to Train Teams on VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware has introduced VMware’s Education offerings that include training on VMware Cloud on AWS in India. The three-day course will equip organizations with the necessary skills for deploying and managing a VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure. VMware Cloud on AWS will deliver a ubiquitous digital foundation to support customers’ and partners’ digital transformation. With the addition of the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region, VMware Cloud on AWS is now available in 14 regions globally.

VMware Education Services help customers quickly learn the best practices for implementing the hybrid cloud platform and will be delivered via a mix of lecture and hands-on labs. The course is beneficial to anyone planning to migrate, build, or hybridize with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Customers taking the VMware Education courses will be able to gain a better understanding and identify best practices for the security and maintenance of VMware Cloud on AWS. They will be able to discuss failure and troubleshooting scenarios with professionals and successfully deploy and manage VMware Cloud on AWS. They will also understand and leverage the use cases of other VMware and AWS solutions to improve their business outcomes.

Users of VMware Education can benefit from VMware-based cloud services for the rapid delivery of cloud benefits to traditional applications and VMware-based environments. A VMware hybrid-cloud solution offers a compatible, interoperable environment with full workload portability, enabling rapid movement to a public cloud service without making any changes to business applications. This is ideal for disaster recovery, dev/test environments, data center consolidation, rapid project delivery, or simply getting out of the data center business.

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