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VAIO E15: Craftsmen’s Choice – The Blessing of Victory

Nexstgo Company Limited, the official strategic partner for VAIO technology products in Asia, launches the brand-new VAIO E15 for the Middle Eastern market. Powered by AMD Ryzen mobile processors with Radeon Vega Graphics, E15 is designed to provide work-and-play support for energetic consumers, meeting the needs of a generation who place emphasis on the ‘slash’ lifestyle – wherein smart design, accommodating functionality and all-in-one-device convenience are paramount.

Fast Performance, Affordable, Enjoyable – Everything you need to enjoy Life of Fun

Powered by AMD RyzenTM 5 3500U and AMD RyzenTM 7 3700U mobile processors, VAIO® E15 model offer an uncompromised performance, as well as an ergonomic form factor and lightweight design. Smaller and lighter, VAIO® E15 is designed from the ground up to be light and slim, starts from 1.77kg and 19.9mmD respectively, and with a 15.6” FHD IPS screen featuring narrow bezel, a larger visual display area is encased within the same-sized device. VAIO® E15 delivers sustained all-day power for a life beyond work, with a long battery life ensuring a full day on-the-go is no impediment to a relaxing time after-hours. VAIO® E15 can provide up to 8 hours of battery life under normal web browsing, email and document viewing conditions.

Improved RAM performance is achieved by leveraging DDR4 memory technology ensuring VAIO® E15 is always ready to provide fast application switching, elegant multiprocessing and reliable performance under demanding use conditions. Running alongside RadeonTM Vega 8 Graphics or RadeonTM RX Vega 10 Graphics, VAIO’s beautiful FHD IPS screen is served with razor-sharp, high-resolution and smoothly animated video playback and online gaming performance. Now users can work faster when required, leaving extra time to enjoy fast performance and immersive graphics experience for light gaming, multiple media editing and video entertainment.

Ergonomic, Minimalist with Pattern – Redefining modern design expression

Promising to be a strong, reliable and practically stylish partner for users seeking an enjoyable life outside of work, VAIO® E15 is offered in cool premium colorways and VAIO symbol patterns* – Graphite Black, Tin Silver, and more color options coming. The laptop also shows off an artistic rendition of geometric pattern depicted on its chassis. This pattern is based on historical and regional context in Azumino City, where is the home town of VAIO Head Quarters in Japan. The pattern symbolizes nature, good fortune and craftsmanship, in particular representing the mountains, lakes and the ornate historical inventions of Azumino City and “Dragonfly” which is not retreat while facing the front as a lucky charm. Taken together, the line-up inspires a bold direction for young lifestyle users who appreciate premium-brand products but who prefer to live a decluttered life, walking as they do an exciting line between work and play: the always-on ‘slash’ lifestyle of passion and limitless expression.

*Japanese Geometric Pattern Limited Edition will be launching soon.

Natural Ergonomics Tilt ensures that when the screen is opened (which can be achieved easily by a single hand, with no unwanted base lift), the body tilts up to form a natural slant angle with the tabletop. Any stress on the palms and wrists is greatly reduced while typing, providing a comfortable, pleasant device experience all day long. Also, greater airflow makes for a better overall performance; VAIO’s impressive 15.6” display is lifted slightly due to the tilted body, increasing air transport across the machine and lowering the internal temperature of the processing core for optimal performance and battery life.

Enjoy both work and play on-the-go with ultimate convenience

Empower a plethora of connectivity via a suite of multiple I/O ports, supporting 2 x USB-A and 1 USB-C ports within the 15.6” frame to connect display, storage and mobile/tablet devices, as well as charging conveniently across a range of connected devices. Besides providing for sufficient I/O port functionality, ports are available on both sides of the device, bringing flexibility for users who rely on a multitude of different devices such as a mouse or external HDD simultaneously.

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