UST Global fast-tracks Digital Transformation with Juniper Networks’ cloud-grade solutions

Juniper’s innovative, high-performance and flexible products drive UST’s upgraded LAN and datacenter infrastructure at new Trivandrum campus

UST Global has selected Juniper’s cloud-grade solutions for its new Trivandrum, India campus to accelerate its customers’ digital transformation while also freeing up IT resources in its data center infrastructure.

As UST Global continues to grow alongside its customers, the company has leveraged Juniper Networks® MX960 3D Universal Edge Router, QFX5100 and EX Series Ethernet Switches to build more than just a network. UST Global’s new flexible, secure and automated infrastructure will enable the company to improve operational and capital efficiencies of its global network, while also facilitating its continued expansion both geographically, as well as into new industries on top of its core sectors of retail, banking and healthcare.

Designed from the ground up to be an architectural and highly-scalable technological showpiece, UST’s new campus maintains an ultra-modern local area network (LAN) and a data center infrastructure that powers its global intranet and all in-house hosted applications for the company’s nearly 20,000 global employees.

Through its new network, UST has not only significantly increased its networking capacity, but it has also benefited from Juniper’s forward-looking, open-standards solutions, which offers UST the flexibility to choose technologies that are the best fit for its business, all while lowering total cost of ownership.

UST Global has deployed the flagship Juniper Networks MX960 3D Universal Edge Router as its campus core switch to provide high-density 40G and 100G connectivity and scale for future growth from day one of deployment. The MX960 can also integrate critical network services, such as stateful firewalls IPSec and Carrier-Grade NAT. Juniper Networks EX4300 Ethernet Switches serve as UST’s access switches, providing up to 320 Gbps of virtual chassis capacity, allowing for ample headroom as UST grows.

UST Global selected the Juniper QFX5100 Series switches to create a Virtual Chassis Fabric (VCF) solution for its datacenter. VCF provides a low-latency, high-performance fabric architecture that can be managed as a single device.

UST deployed Juniper’s MX5 3D Universal Edge Router at each of its data center sites to act as border gateways, while also providing connections to Global MPLS WAN partners alongside direct and public peers. The MX5 is a compact and full-featured routing platform that supports high-density connectivity and dedicated processing for compute-intensive network services.

Using Junos OS, UST has simplified network operations to allow the company to minimize the resources required to manage its networking and security functions, freeing up IT resources to focus on high-value business priorities. These deployments come after a full vendor review and add on to the Juniper footprint deployed by UST Global previously across other locations worldwide.

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