Toplyne accelerates time-to-market and enhances user experience with Snowflake


Snowflake, announced that Toplyne, has chosen Snowflake as its preferred Cloud Data Platform.  Toplyne enables product-led growth (PLG) companies to increase conversions rates within their freemium user base, to potentially as high as 80% to 100%. Toplyne will leverage Snowflake’s Data Cloud to drive paid-user conversion rates for customers with accelerated data configuration, extracting high-value insights from voluminous datasets and to scale operations with ease. 

PLG companies represent the future of the modern software industry, harnessing the concept of ‘product-led growth’ – where for the core product offerings, like in the case of Canva, Grafana,, InVideo, and Browserstack, the product itself acts as the chief driver of growth, with sales and marketing playing supporting roles. While Product-led growth (PLG)  has opened the floodgates at the top of the funnel for successful SaaS companies, the battle has moved from acquisition to conversion. Monetization is easier said than done. Experimentation, with various permutations of user segments and GTM strategies, is of the essence. 

Toplyne analyzes complex patterns in large volumes of product-usage data to identify users and accounts who have high intent to convert to paid subscriptions, and lets growth teams to rapidly experiment with and deploy various go-to-market (GTM) motions at scale – be it driving self-serve conversions through in-product nudges (chatbots, paywalls, promos) or sales-assisted conversions through high-velocity inside-sales teams.  Revenue teams are empowered to focus their efforts on users and accounts who show real intent, rather than chasing leads that will never convert. 

Having started with a thin team that worked with large volumes of unstructured data, Toplyne faced challenges in data configuration with increasing data loads. Earlier, it worked on a platform that required laborious tuning with the addition of every new database, which led to time-consuming and cumbersome manual configuration efforts. It became imperative that an efficient data platform that could support internal teams in accelerating data sorting and query access with near-zero manual configuration was needed. 

Snowflake’s powerful Data Cloud and proven platform capabilities in streamlining data optimisation and querying, deliver a robust data storage and analytics solution for Toplyne’s Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) pipeline. Snowflake offers a simplified and flexible data management and transformation solution for Toplyne’s growing database of over a billion data points. This led Toplyne to ensure that with large, custom data requests coming into the data engine, one customer’s data did not affect another customer’s experience. Snowflake powered Toplyne’s data architecture and dashboard analytics to run data queries with significant ease, resulting in a 50% increase in query performance. This has enabled improved user analytics for customers, driving key sales and go-to-market decisions. 

Rohit Khanna, Co-founder, Toplyne, said, “Snowflake’s capabilities enable us to process unstructured, raw data with negligible manual intervention, and allow our team to process data seamlessly and enhance our data science models, to deliver value 5x faster to our customers. In addition, by provisioning for increased compute and storage capacity, Snowflake has saved us millions of dollars and 1000+ hours in engineering bandwidth. Today Snowflake is a core element of our development infrastructure.” 

With Snowflake’s high-performance query engine, Toplyne has reduced customer onboarding turnaround time from 4 weeks to 6 hours. It has enhanced user-experiences for diverse customers, and managed custom workload requests by customers, with over 2 million CRM updates. They can now measure the financial expenditure of individual customers using the Toplyne platform. As a result, the platform defines credit usage at each step of the customer journey across the data ingestion, transformation and distribution stages, with access to sound billing information in easy-to-consume formats on Snowflake’s personalized dashboard. With Snowflake, Toplyne was able to reach over 20 million unique users, while handling more than 2 million real time personalisation decisions. 

Vimal Venkatram, Managing Director, India, Snowflake, said, “Snowflake’s ability to scale flexibly with high performance, convinced Toplyne that we are part of their core architecture. Toplyne data teams can now provide stable testing environments to their engineers and gain improved oversight over their cost management models while expanding operations. As a cloud-agnostic platform, we have enabled cross-geography and cross-cloud deployments for Toplyne, enabling accelerated time-to-market and onboarding of new customers to achieve improved business growth within India and other regions. These key benefits enable them to offer accelerated sales and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) growth avenues to their customers, while eliminating redundancy.”

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