Top Atlassian Marketplace Apps to Kick Off 2024


Now in its twelfth year in 2024, the Atlassian Marketplace continues to supercharge the Atlassian toolstack for a growing number of users. Driven by a growing app database and cloud migration, Atlassian Marketplace adoption rose by 12% in 2023, following a strong trajectory from years prior. 

The Marketplace offers more than 6,000 apps that add functionality, integrate with external tools, and streamline daily operations across the Atlassian suite of tools. To make the most of their Atlassian toolstack, all Atlassian users should be aware of these offerings. 

To make the best recommendations about which apps can drive success for businesses, our team at Contegix tracks app information and performance in our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS). We used a year of MARS data to find these front-runners for app success in 2024—plus a few to watch. 

Top Atlassian Marketplace apps of 2023

There’s been tremendous growth in test management, integration, and planning apps over the last year. Test management apps help developers conduct software testing, an invaluable part of agile development cycles. Integration apps connect the Atlassian toolstack with external work tools, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. And planning apps support a variety of planning frameworks, from waterfall to kanban. All of these categories add functionality that extends the Atlassian toolstack—and together, they create a more contiguous, integrated work environment housed in Atlassian. 

Apps to watch in 2024

Established apps continue to be top performers in the Marketplace. However, some fast-growing upstarts offer new alternatives for crucial functionalities, like testing and reporting. 

  • Tricentis Test Management for Jira: a cloud-based testing tool, challenging established test management apps with real-time data and built-in reporting
  • JXL for Jira: adds spreadsheet capabilities, offering a simplified organizational layout with a wide range of use cases and extensive usability

When you’re thinking about how to get more from your Atlassian tools, take a look at Marketplace apps. Understanding the Atlassian Marketplace doesn’t just provide insight into everything Atlassian tools can do, it also helps IT leaders to take stock of their existing Atlassian configuration, and offers avenues to level up its capabilities. We built MARS to offer exactly these insights. 

Our new tool, MARS Atlas, uses AI technology to bring this kind of information to your fingertips. Informed by years of field expertise and best practices in implementing Atlassian Marketplace apps, MARS Atlas is designed to help Atlassian users navigate the Marketplace and choose the best apps for their needs. To see what you can gain from the Atlassian Marketplace, test out the tool here

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