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ThreatQuotient Integrates with Infoblox for Enhanced DNS and IP Address Visibility

ThreatQuotient announced an integration with Infoblox, the leader in Secure  Cloud-managed Network Services. The combination of Infoblox contextual data and the ThreatQ threat intelligence platform enables organizations to categorize, manage and respond to threats faster and more effectively.

Infoblox DNS can put more than 45 million threat indicators to work in real-time within BloxOne Threat Defense, which provides advanced DNS security as SaaS-based services from the cloud or as a hybrid on-premises/SaaS solution. Infoblox security solutions provide ubiquitous visibility, protect against advanced threats and help speed up incident response, keeping the workforce secure wherever they may be. By activating cyber intelligence in Infoblox DNS and importing Infoblox Threat Intelligence Data Exchange (TIDE) into ThreatQ, organizations are equipped to accelerate their responses to emerging threat vectors.

“ThreatQuotient provides defenders with the context, customization and collaboration needed for efficient threat operations and management. From discovery, configuration and compliance, Infoblox is helping to automate and simplify network and security processes,” says Haig Colter, Director of Alliances at ThreatQuotient. “Together, our integration eases the consumption of threat intelligence from various internal and external sources to ensure that intelligence is accurate, relevant and timely to an organization’s business.”

With ThreatQuotient, organizations can automate the majority of manual tasks and get more out of existing security resources, both people and infrastructure. Integrating Infoblox IP and DNS contexts with ThreatQ supports a variety of use cases, such as:

  • Allow joint customers to assess, categorize and manage security incidents
  • Eliminate unnecessary, duplicate and irrelevant indicators before they enter a network
  • Enforce security by blocking DNS requests to malicious resources (IP Addresses and Domains)

“Security operations tasks such as monitoring for lookalike domains are extremely time-consuming. Teams leveraging Infoblox and ThreatQ, such as TIP administrators, will gain enhanced visibility into potentially malicious IP addresses and DNS threats,” says Dave Barry, Director of Business Development, Infoblox. “Our integration with ThreatQuotient offers customers the tools to further optimize their security posture from the ground up and achieve next-level network security through deeper, more relevant context and automation.”

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