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The Global Talent Pool Will Become More Important and Discerning Than Ever Before


Work the World: The convergence of workforce trends created a diverse, global talent pool for organizations to source from – and these workers will prioritize job opportunities with benefits like the flexibility to work whenever, wherever (while developing new skills along the way).  

“G-P recently conducted a study to examine how the global workforce feels about their professional future. We found, almost universally, that workers are, and will continue to be, invested in their careers. And for many, this is about much more than a paycheck. Despite economic uncertainty and other challenges, employees are still planning for new opportunities, including career changes, and are willing to put in the time it takes to reskill and learn new things. The fact of the matter is, despite some of the more ominous assertions that you may read about, the global workforce wants to work and is engaged in their trajectory. They want to be compensated fairly – both pay and benefits – and they want to learn and grow. In unpredictable times, this is very optimistic news and will have a positive impact on the global talent pool especially as talent is more accessible than it’s ever been before – particularly in historically challenging sectors, like tech. 

In 2023 and beyond, we’ll start to see some of the workforce trends of the last few years converge – the rise of remote work means that employees now have more control over who they work for – they aren’t locked in geographically, they have more control over their hours and have the opportunity to explore employment opportunities in new industries or with companies that are closely aligned with their personal values, beliefs and passions. This will bring more diversity, of both thought and experience, to the workforce which is good for employees, employers, and society as a whole.

There is no doubt that there are challenging times ahead of us – but the Future of Work is here – and it’s going to center around employee experience. Employers need to rethink how they recruit, hire, manage and retain their employees – from where they find talent to how they keep workers engaged – focusing on professional development (including reskilling and training) and creating future opportunity.” 

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