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The European Tour, Tata Communications link up to tee off digital transformation of Golf

Technologies such as the Internet of Things, augmented reality and live 360°video could create more immersive, powerful golf experiences for fans worldwide

The European Tour has partnered with Tata Communications, a leading global provider of network, cloud and mobility services, to build a best-in-class global technology platform that will help to underpin the digital transformation of the sport and help attract new, younger fans to the sport. As the Official Global Connectivity Supplier of the European Tour, Tata Communications will distribute the video feeds from 47 European Tour tournaments in 30 countries and across five continents to 40 broadcasters using its global superfast network and Media Ecosystem, reaching close to half a billion golf fans.

Tata Communications’ global network reach and capabilities will ensure a high quality viewing experience for fans regardless of whether they are watching the live action or tournament highlights on TV or a mobile device (OTT).  To give its core fan base new golf experiences and to attract new younger fans to the sport, the partnership will enable European Tour  to  test in action with Tata Communications technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, virtual and augmented reality (VR, AR) and live 360°video to create a more ‘connected’ tournament experience.

“Joining forces with Tata Communications will kick-start an exciting new digital era for the European Tour,” said Michael Cole, Chief Technology Officer of the European Tour. “Digital innovations like 360°video, IoT and AR all rely on global superfast connectivity. So, by creating a single, scalable, global technology platform underpinned by Tata Communications’ capabilities, we will be able to create more powerful, engaging and immersive golf experiences, grow our global audience, and open up new commercial opportunities for the sport.”

Brian Morris, Vice President and General Manager of Media and Entertainment Services at Tata Communications, said: “Imagine if fans onsite could use an AR app on their mobile device to get instant access to a wealth of statistics and video clips on each course and player. Or, if fans at home could complement the action on TV through a live 360°view on their tablet and capture key moments of each tournament from the angle of their choice. Having helped lay the foundations for the digital transformation of Formula 1® and MotoGP™, we look forward to working together with the European Tour to push the boundaries of innovation and help shape the future of golf.”

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