Team Computers along with Palo Alto Networks and AWS hosted “The Future of Cloud Security

Team Computers

Team Computers aalong with cloud partners AWS and Palo Alto Networks, recently organized an event on the future of cloud security at Zorba, Delhi. The event focused on how to protect private and business-critical data, simplify compliance, and migrate workloads and apps to the cloud quickly and with ease.

The event witnessed a gathering of 60plus IT leaders, the attendees listened eagerly to the thought-provoking presentations and discussed ways to apply new technologies for the adoption of cloud infrastructure.

AWS and Palo Alto are helping to drive the adoption of cloud infrastructure across businesses of all sizes. From providing storage solutions to managing databases, organizations can take advantage of their combined expertise to create a powerful and agile computing environment.

Today, organizations are increasingly embracing cloud technologies due to the numerous advantages they offer. The cloud offers faster deployment of applications, better scalability and reliability, improved availability, and cost savings.

At the recent cloud security summit, speakers from Palo Alto, AWS & Team Computers discussed the current state of cloud security as well as its potential for growth and improvement. According to the experts, cloud computing is making tremendous strides in terms of security, with a focus on secured access control, identity management, data loss prevention, and various other ways to secure and harden our infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures.

Overall the Next Gen Cloud event was an exciting opportunity for businesses to learn more about the transformative power of cloud technology and also to network and interact with one another, exchanging ideas and strategies on how best to drive innovation and maximize efficiency in their respective industries.

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