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Taiwan’s Cathay United Bank Deploys Gemalto’s Solutions to Secure Online Banking

Gemalto’s Ezio Mobile suite enables CUB’s customers to securely access their bank’s services using their mobiles as authentication device

Gemalto supports Cathay United Bank, a leading bank in Taiwan, in securing its online banking services. Gemalto’s Ezio Mobile suite enables CUB’s customers to securely access their bank’s services from their PCs, tablets, and smartphones, using their mobiles as authentication device. As a result, CUB is able to offer an enhanced user experience to its customers, save costs, and meet a new government regulation requiring Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Gemalto will also provide support and maintenance services for smooth deployment of the solution.

Taiwan has a high smartphone penetration of 88% with over 16.4 million users in 2015. The ubiquity of smartphones is changing consumer behavior, with people preferring to use phones instead of traditional tokens, for online authentication. Gemalto’s solution, which replaces CUB’s SMS-based system, allows users to enjoy the convenience of online banking, with security and ease.

The Ezio Mobile suite provides secure software that transforms mobiles into strong two-factor devices, generating One Time Passwords and transaction signatures for authentication across all banking channels. It also delivers push notifications and authorization requests for Out-of-band authentication. The mobile offering is further strengthened with a SafeNet Hardware Security Module at the backend to secure sensitive data.

Suzanne Tong-Li, President for Greater China and Korea at Gemalto said, “Consumers are increasingly moving towards mobile banking, with smartphone as the key device in their possession. With a broad portfolio of mobile-based solutions, we can support CUB in deploying their digital banking vision for maximum customer reach.”

As per the press release, Gemalto provides its mobile authentication solution to CUB through its partner E-Secure Technologies.

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