Tableau Expanding Horizons of High Performance Computing

Acquires and plans to integrate innovative high performance database system HyPer with Tableau Products

Focusing on the need to quickly analyze, visualize and share information, Tableau has acquired HyPer and plans to integrate it with its existing range of products in order to give Tableau customers a high level of performance when dealing with data. Initially developed as a research project at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), HyPer is a fast main-memory database system designed for simultaneous OLTP and OLAP processing without compromising performance. It unifies transactions and analysis in a single system, and when coupled with Tableau will help customers take visual analytics closer to the transactional systems that underlie most businesses.

As per the press release, HyPer will bring a host of new capabilities to Tableau customers with faster analysis of data of all sizes, enhanced data integration, data transformation and data blending. It will help customers better see and understand data with richer analytics such as k-means clustering and window functions. Hyper will expand support for Big data efforts with semi-structure and unstructured data and unification of analysis and transactional systems.

As part of the technology acquisition, Tableau will add key technical personnel and plans to establish a research and development center in Munich and expand its research into high performance computing.

Four of the project’s Ph.D. students will be joining Tableau, focused on integrating HyPer into Tableau products. The HyPer team will be based in Munich. Tableau plans to invest additional resources in Munich to leverage the talent from TUM for further innovation that will enhance future Tableau products, the press release said.

“This news is in line with Tableau’s vision to help more people to see and understand their data. Speed-to-insight is a key differentiator across all sectors in India and we have already seen how customers like Eveready, Marico and others experience exponential returns with what Tableau offers. We look forward to exciting our customers even more, with faster data analytic capabilities and a host of other enhanced features at the level of their databases. User experience has always been at the forefront of Tableau’s efforts and with HyPer’s technologies we intend to build upon that,” said Deepak Ghodke, Country Manager, Tableau India.

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