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Tableau Announces Collaborations to Better Educate Organizations in Data Analytics

New Data Analytics Learning partnerships with Lynda.com, Pluralsight, Udacity and General Assembly will enable Tableau to provide knowledge and skills to current and future expert data scientists

Tableau Software has announced new partnerships aimed at helping people more easily acquire data analysis skills needed for today’s workforce. Lynda.com, a LinkedIn company and Pluralsight have partnered with Tableau to train virtually anyone in data analytics. In addition, Tableau is partnering with Udacity and General Assembly (GA) to offer deeper training skills to current and future expert data scientists.

Demand for data analytics skills has risen globally and employers seek to hire data driven people. To address the skills gap, Tableau, Lynda.com and Pluralsight are helping teach those without a background in data analytics. Lynda.com is developing Tableau training materials targeted for data science practitioners as well as for those entering the field, especially in transition from other IT careers. Pluralsight teaches in-demand skills including Tableau from industry experts with real-world experience in data analytics.

As per the release, a report from IDC indicated that spending in APAC on self-service visual discovery and data preparation market will grow 250% faster than traditional IT-controlled tools for similar functionality. A rising economy, rapid urbanization, proliferating bandwidth connectivity along with digitization initiatives like Digital India and Smart Cities are expected to lead to an upsurge in data being generated by business. This will drive the need for skilled data analysis professionals who can mine insights from the data.Tableau is partnering with Udacity and General Assembly to fill this growing demand.

Udacity is developing course content with Tableau related to data infrastructure and data visualization to help
students advance their careers as data engineers, data analysts and beyond. General Assembly has developed a full-time data science course, in partnership with Tableau: Data Science Immersive. The new three-month course will train the next generation of data scientists on core topics including statistics, data modeling and programming as well as Tableau to teach data visualization, exploration and analysis. With a job placement rate of 99 percent for their full-time graduates, GA’s Data Science Immersive will prepare students for entry- and mid-level jobs such as financial analyst, data scientist and marketing analyst.

Deepak Ghodke, Country Manager India, at Tableau said, “India can make a rapid transition towards becoming a knowledge based economy and usher in a smarter age by instilling self-service analytics as a core skill for employees. Considering that analytics is one of the major disruptive technologies that increases productivity in the enterprise for businesses, we expect that our partnerships will enable us to bridge the skill gap for people analyze business data with nominal IT support. Lynda.com, and Pluralsight share our vision to empower everyone to learn valuable data analytics skills to help them be successful in their careers, no matter what role they have in the organization. Empowering professionals with self-service analytics is a part of Tableau’s vision to help more people to see and understand data.”

Zhalisa Clarke, VP, Business Development at Udacity remarked, “Our Machine Learning and Data Analyst Nanodegree programs are some of the most popular among our students. That’s why one of our top priorities is to ensure students master the necessary skills to ‘be in demand’ for the data jobs most needed by today’s leading companies.”
Jake Schwartz, General Assembly co-founder and CEO said, “Data has become democratized – in part, by companies like Tableau – making it possible to obtain a data-driven role without a PhD in statistics. Students can feel confident about a curriculum that not only draws from the expertise of an industry leader like Tableau but also incorporates our global career services program, which will set students up for success outside of the classroom and on the job.”

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