SUSE continues growth momentum with innovative Open Source Offerings

SUSE poised to establish itself as a stand-alone company pending its acquisition by growth investor EQT

SUSE has provided enterprise-grade software to tens of thousands of organizations for more than 25 years. As SUSE prepares to embark upon its next phase of corporate development as a stand-alone company, it continues to grow and build momentum with its core products, emerging solutions, communities and partners while expanding its presence in new market segments. SUSE is better positioned than ever before to shepherd enterprises through the demands of digital transformation with open source innovation and expertise in software-defined infrastructure, application delivery and cloud technologies.

“SUSE has thrived for decades by following two simple principles – listen to the customer, and embrace innovation and change on their behalf,” said Nils Brauckmann, CEO of SUSE. “SUSE is on a growth trajectory, expanding both organically and through technology acquisition. This ‘build-and-buy’ expansion model creates continuous value for customers and drives sustainable growth for both the top and bottom lines of the business. As the business grows, SUSE remains committed to being the open, open source company, where open refers to the freedom of choice provided to customers and not just our code.”

SUSE’s investment in flexibility and its evolution from a Linux vendor to a cloud, software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions company has generated momentum and profitable growth as the organization continuously adapts to the requirements of partners and customers. As organizations face increasing pressure to become more agile and economically efficient in order to grow, compete and survive, they must leverage digital assets, information and an explosion of new software innovation to enable their digital transformation. SUSE builds from its Linux heritage and works with an ecosystem of partners and communities to adapt and secure open source solutions backed by superior service and support. These emerging infrastructure technologies are built on open source and Linux, and they create new levels of freedom and flexibility for customers.

SUSE’s leadership in established and emerging markets is evident globally, as its customers include nine of the 10 largest aerospace companies worldwide, 10 of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, four of the five largest banks in the world, half of the world’s largest supercomputers, and 80 percent of the Fortune Global 50. In addition, 70 percent of all SAP applications running on Linux run on SUSE Linux Enterprise, including more than 90 percent of SAP HANA deployments. SUSE created and has led the mainframe Linux market for more than 17 years.

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