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Smart Dubai and Dubai Government HR Department Complete Design of the Unified Registry

Smart Dubai has announced the completion of the design phase of the Unified Registry for Dubai Government Employees, an initiative launched in response to a directive from the Dubai Government Human Resources Department (DGHR) to create a unified data register for Dubai government employees.

The registry forms part of Dubai Registers – a project designed in partnership with the Dubai Government Human Resources Department to build a network of accurate, reliable, and interconnected data registries to help make Dubai the smartest and happiest city in the world. With the design of the Unified Registry for Dubai Government Employees approved by the Dubai Electronic Security Center, work is now underway on the project’s next phase, which is the development of the registry using data from the Government Resource Planning Systems in collaboration with the DGHR.

A steering committee has been formed to guide the Unified Registry for Dubai Government Employees project, its members including H.E. Abdulla bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of the Dubai Government Human Resources Department; H.E. Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General of Smart Dubai and CEO of the Dubai Data Establishment; Matar Al Humairi, Assistant CEO, Smart Infrastructure at Smart Dubai; and Amer Sharaf,  Director, Compliance Support and Alliances at Dubai Electronic Security Center.

As part of the development process, Smart Dubai and DGHR launched a government data quality dashboard, which evaluates the current level of data quality and identifies aspects that need improvement. To achieve this, a series of workshops have been organized with nearly 26 Dubai Government entities to review the quality of their data and provide development recommendations. Participants include representatives from the Dubai Data Establishment, Smart Dubai Government Establishment and Dubai Government Human Resources Department.

“The development of human resources is one of the top priorities in the emirate of Dubai, where the leadership adopts strategic plans to ensure achievement of the desired goals through providing all the possibilities for Dubai to always be at the forefront in various fields,” said Abdulla bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of the Dubai Government Human Resources Department.

He also indicated, “Providing accurate and updated data for decision-makers definitely helps make right decisions.”

Al Falasi further said, “Human resources are the cornerstone of the progress of countries. Therefore, it is necessary to provide accurate information and data about them to enable officials to set future plans and strategies. This is because statistical data serves as a key tool for planning and guidance and plays a very important role in the growth of various sectors.”

He continued, “The unified registry for the Dubai government employees aims to manage and monitor employee’s data within a unified framework, contribute to planning processes, make decisions related to human resources at the level of the Dubai government, and to keep pace with the emirate’s policies towards smart transformation.”

“The Unified Registry for Dubai Government Employees project marks a significant step forward for the Dubai Registers initiative and keeps pace with the vision and directives of the leadership in promoting the digital transformation of the Dubai Government. The project aims to harness the power of data science to provide an integrated system of tools and solutions for a comprehensive transformation that aims to make Dubai the smartest and happiest city on earth,” said His Excellency Younus Al Nasser.

“In collaboration with our strategic partners, we have created a solid work plan to develop the registry – one that guarantees the quality of data provided by government entities and proposes the best ways to improve on it. This, in turn, contributes to building a reliable and accurately categorized source for all data relating to Dubai Government employees. It allows for upgrading human resources data, organizing work, developing employee performance, and ultimately strengthening the government infrastructure in Dubai. I would like to thank all parties involved in developing the registry – it is their great efforts that have accelerated the progress of the project and enabled us to keep pace with the aspirations of the Dubai Government,” His Excellency added.

Smart Dubai and the Dubai Government Human Resources Department are cooperating with the Dubai Electronic Security Center to manage the Unified Registry for Dubai Government Employees project, with other government bodies tasked with feeding their data into the registry. The initiative aims to find a reliable source of employee data within a unified framework that contributes to government-level human resources planning and decision-making. The project will lead to the Unified Registry for Dubai GovernmentEmployees being the only official source in Dubai for government employee data, in an effort to increase employee productivity, improve resource management efficiency, and enable better planning for cooperative projects between various government entities

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