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Sevco Security Unveils New Vulnerability Hunting Capabilities

J.J. Guy

Capabilities Improve Overall Security Posture With Proactive Approach to Preventing the Number of Successful Attacks

“To adopt a proactive approach to modern security, we must go beyond simply depending on scanners and endpoint detection platforms to report vulnerabilities.”

J.J. Guy, co-founder and CEO of Sevco Security

Sevco Security, the cloud-native CAASM platform provider, unveield additional vulnerability hunting capabilities to seamlessly ensure comprehensive visibility across the entire enterprise. Organizations can now assess vulnerabilities across different asset classes (devices, users, applications) and evaluate mitigating controls against identified vulnerabilities continuously to understand actual risk and exposure management directly in the cloud-native asset intelligence platform.ssues.”

“To adopt a proactive approach to modern security, we must go beyond simply depending on scanners and endpoint detection platforms to report vulnerabilities,” said J.J. Guy, co-founder and CEO of Sevco Security. “It’s time to go on the offensive with technology that enables organizations to identify and remediate vulnerable conditions. It is only possible with a platform that can aggregate, de-duplicate and correlate asset data from multiple technology silos in real time to prioritize and address issues.”

Unlike threat hunting which typically occurs when attackers have already successfully gained access into the environment, Sevco Security enables enterprises to continuously discover and analyze across all assets to identify vulnerable conditions before an attacker can exploit them. Its cloud-native CAASM platform eliminates hidden assets missing security controls or with security controls that are not appropriately configured by expanding hunting capabilities with additional context. By identifying the presence of an asset within a set of IT or security tools and whether that asset is actively communicating to those platforms, Sevco Security enables better detection of configuration vulnerabilities by pinpointing vulnerable users and devices.

With the new capabilities, Sevco Security will simplify the process of identifying software vulnerabilities by providing additional context surrounding affected assets, such as existing mitigating controls (or conversely, the lack of expected mitigating controls). By identifying complex vulnerabilities impossible to detect with today’s narrowly focused tools, Sevco Security enables security teams to proactively prioritize response efforts and deliver broader, continuous visibility across the entire security landscape to uncover security risk vulnerabilities faster.

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