Re-shaping Customer Service Management with Technology and Innovation

Being in the market for more than two decades, the Service Management technology has undergone revolutionary changes. Earlier it was used by specific business functions with the aim of getting a better ROI, but the priorities of IT enterprise businesses have completely shifted to providing superior customer service experience. The Service Management technology has ‘come of age’ and is now globally accepted as the primary customer interface where businesses or individuals will receive real-time assistance and guidance on IT service issues, problems and requests.

Technology transformation continues – Stay adapted

Technology has been changing its landscape on a daily basis and digitization has hit the IT markets across the globe. The end customers are looking forward to technology-oriented service chains to get adequate assistance from the vendor organizations. Interestingly, ITSM industry has been progressively adapting to changes in technological dynamics of cloud, IoT, AI, AR and VR – thus bringing many new in-house technologies to efficiently service their customers. AI-powered ITSM solutions are also expected to intelligently transform the process of service management by improving the ROI factor with increased business agility.

Better technology – Better Customer Service

Technology is a critical element in offering exceptional services to the customer base. This is where customer-centric engineering dives in. Rightly understanding customer needs and providing them with relevant services will only make their experience better. It’s always about addressing their pain points with an innovative and fast-paced approach.

Today, customers have an elevated knowledge around technology and crave for superlative services. People expect instant and continuous feedback.  With IT advancements happening on a higher pace, addressing the customer’s needs and providing industry-rich solutions, adds magnificent value to organizations.

Stay connected through your business loop

Quick employee support and consistent customer satisfaction are the starting point for successful business engagements. Technology and innovation do matter, but what is more critical is the customer feedback that comes in. Typically an IT Service desk allows you to be in touch with the staffs who are working on customer requests. It provides with a hawk-eye vision of the complete business process and service delivery mechanism through a unified platform which helps in promptly finding the keys areas of change.

‘Knowledge is Power’ – Making the most of this world-famous phrase, ITSM tools provide a smart and centralized medium for your business to store the organizational and business-critical data and make it accessible by all the process teams. It is also a perimeter for IT Service managers and directors to judge the success of the service provided to internal users  as well as to external customers.

Service Management Continues to Live & Beyond

There is a lot of debate about the demise of IT businesses, where a considerably large –sized community of existing ITSM users predict that the continuous intrusion of new and ever-changing technologies might generate risks in the service management industry.

However, the truth is consumerization is here to stay. The future of IT Service technology must be capable of providing services to customers through web portals, thus empowering the end users with Self- Service Solutions to manage their daily working lives. With the wave of mobile revolution, most of the forward-thinking organizations have already started their services and support through mobile apps, which helps to deal with large communities of people (i.e. a student campus, local Government). This enables the end-customers to access every service, process and operation   along with a robust medium to communicate instantly via smart devices and social media tools.

In addition to this, the demand for platform-based technology is exponentially increasing.  Based on tech-trend analysis, in the forthcoming technology-driven future, there will be more IT spending for so-called ‘third-platform’ technologies (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) and customer services. Hence ITSM industry will live long because of its nature to adapt to any technology trend to satisfy the ever-changing end-user needs.

By: Satish Kumar V, Co – Founder and CEO, EverestIMS Technologies

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